Chaise sofas can be great additions to your home as accent chairs or regular sofas. A nice comfortable place to snooze in the day time, chaise end sofas are great favorites as living room furniture. Called as sofa chaise lounge, sofa chaise bed, and chaise end sofa – this is a one stop solution when you need a sofa, a lounge, a day bed or a sofa bed for day time relaxation.
What is a chaise sofa? What is so special about it? When the sofa is extra long like a chaise so that it can support your legs easily when you stretch on it but still has back supports like a sofa, it can be called a chaise sofa. They double up as lounges as well sofas – allowing you to sit and relax or lie down and sleep as effortlessly.
Chaise sofas can be made of wood frame or metal frames and can be as low as a futon or can look like normal sofas. These are slightly bigger in size than normal sofas but then you have to give allowance for a furniture item that can multi-task so nicely! When timeless elegance and chic sophistication are needed, these chaise sofas can fit the bill.
Here you can see some lovely looking chaise sofas. These are images of chaise sofas from the famous Italian furniture manufacturer, Fama. Available in a variety of styles, you will be hard-pressed to know which will look best in your home. Unlike the futon which needs to be opened up, these have wide and deep seats so an adult can sleep easily without extra work.
Chaise sofas have reversible side chaises. So you can choose which side to create the chaise portion or put it in the center also as seen here. The classic love-seat sofa with winged backs in brocade upholstery is bigger than usual and serves as chaise sofa in the living room beautifully when paired with an attachable ottoman foot rest.
Look at the modern minimalist style chaise sofa in a simple couch pattern with detachable backrests that support loose cushions and pillows as seen in the images here. You can create a sofa with both the backrests in place or remove one to have more room as a bed. Don’t you think you will love to have some chaise sofas in your home as accent accessories?

We love creative interiors! Creativity is a matter of practice, like many other things in life. There’s no doubt that anyone can be creative, as long as he or she looks for less ordinary approaches. When we first saw the Nussberg Penthouse interior, in Vienna, we thought that the client really wanted “a house to remember”. And that’s exactly what Beef Architekti (the studio responsible with the decoration) managed to deliver to their client. Exquisite, playful and with a touch of rustic elegance, the Nussberg Penthouse, with its bohemian setting (an old Vienna hotel with an exterior spiral staircase), seeks to offer a unique living experience, by blending the natural feel with the contemporary comfort.
The penthouse, located on a hill, overlooks the wonderful city. The apartment stands out, due to its “excess” of brightness. You can enjoy wonderful moments, watching the sun at dusk or drink a cup of coffee in the morning, on the terrace. Wood floorings, chairs and different shades of brown, create an environment of natural and almost cottage-like inspiration. The paintings on the walls and the colourful rugs, though, transform it into a more interesting and contemporary home. The result: a playful, creative and bright modern interior.
If you prefer simple designs, nothing like any glamorous or ultra-modern furniture, then you might find this collection appealing. What furniture is needed in an ordinary living room? In most cases, a sofa, a coffee table, a couple of armchairs perhaps, a cupboard or simply a few shelves on the wall, and occasionally a few chairs and a bookcase. Simple, yet cozy – isn’t it! You can however decorate the living with a fireplace or just with a colorful carpet. All of the suggested design ideas follow a line of simplicity in the interior.
Check out these designer living rooms with simple tips from Candice Olson on how to transform your ordinary living room into an extraordinary space the whole family can enjoy.
Add Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles
Glass mosaic fireplace tiles are an easy way to spice up a living room design. To create a vibrant and contemporary focal point, designer Candice Olson suggests adding an elevated fireplace covered in floor-to-ceiling glass tiles in hues that coordinate with your palette. This will add both visual and physical warmth within a room, she says. Design by Christopher J. Grubb
Hand-scraped oak flooring is the perfect contrast to the impressive limestone fireplace, and a wall of cabinetry with custom bookcases and stainless steel dressers provides plenty of storage for the TV and media components. Distressed leather furniture with tufted detail adds vintage elegance to the room with blue linen draperies creating a beautiful backdrop to the space.
Having a combined living room and dining space is something that’s on the trend nowadays in most of the houses; when these two spaces combine, they give a cozy feeling and make the place more spacious without having a lot of separators. We present you here very nice ideas on how to combine your dining space with your living room in a chic, modern style that utilizes the space and makes it decorative. Everything depends on the space that you have; if you have a large space, then you can get a complete living room that includes a large sofa in any shape like the L-shaped one, and arm chairs, stools, and ottomans along with tables. Beside this living room, you can add a dining set that is composed of four or six chairs according to the space. Add the dining set in a space that gives it its own style and makes moving around it easy. It is really beautiful and decorative when you match the color of the dining set with the living room, or with the overall ambiance, or when you use colors to make a nice color contrast. Try not to make a mess as much as you can; store your stuff in any drawers or shelves found in the living room to leave the space neat.
When it comes to our homes, then we must try as much as possible to make it perfect. I think this is how the innovative interior designer Candice Olson thinks. Her designs show that you can make your place amazing all while being realistic. We are presenting you in this post some of Candice Olson’s best living room designs that will totally inspire you with amazing ideas for your living room. The best thing is to adding what’s best for your space; you’ll see living rooms that include just one sofa, while other can include two sofas and arm chairs, for example. You have to decide what your space can accept to give you a nicely designed living room. Candice Olson’s pays a lot of attention to the overall look in her designs; colors are also very important because they can heavily affect the overall look. Living rooms are supposed to be cozy, and Candice has greatly succeeded in doing so, the interaction between the colors of the walls and the furniture, the style of the upholstered sofas, and the addition of decorative items in different places; all of this makes the places finally as perfect as you wish for.

The use of different materials also aids in the style of these living rooms, like the use of limestone wall while adding parquet flooring. A luxurious color contrast is achieved which makes a contrast that’s very favorable in living rooms. Another tough choice that you sometimes want to make, but you get afraid that it looks miserable is integrating a living room with a kitchen and a dining room, for example. You really need to make the perfect harmony between the three spaces in order to make them visually acceptable. Candice offers marvelous ideas when it comes to integrating rooms, and you can see a nice match between colors whether in the walls, floors, or furniture which makes the overall space fantastic while being totally useful and practical at the same time. Everything is being taken care of when you choose a Candice Olson’s design; it’s not just about your furniture, no, beauty is seen through decorating the walls, the floor, the tables; it’s all just perfect.

Whether it’s a side table or an end table, small tables are still very useful in the living room. Not only can they help you to complete your coffee table when you need more space but can also stand near the sofa to accommodate books and remote controls. We have selected for you 10 charming side table models that are both practical & elegant for your living room. To keep on simplicity while focusing on a minimalist design, choose a small table in white metal; Ideal for a couple of books or a drink. If you are looking for a very unique side table, you can choose a real log of wood. Rather heavy, it will move less easily than a table but will fit right in at the end of the sofa and will give your living room decoration a very distinguished look. To stay in the tones of wood but with a more practical design, you can choose this square table that can serve as both stool and table. Its wood look recalls the seaside decorating style which makes it very suitable for a living room design inspired by nature. For minimalist living rooms, the focus is on very sleek side table designs with sharp lines and geometric shapes; it can be as simple as possible, however, it can also have an ultra-modern shape. Minimalist side table designs are usually made of metal in different finishes including lacquered and matt. If you like to add very original furniture to your interior, there are now many innovative side table forms; the model with curved metal legs in tangy colors looks so unique. Your side table can also take the form of an original stool that will look like a sculpture in your interior; smaller than a traditional table, it will be easier to move. Know that the metal does not adapt to the industrial style only; a side table in very bright metal will match with a feminine living room style. Finally, so that your end table is both up-to-date and practical, you can opt for a hi-tech side table design with integrated LED lighting that will illuminate your living room while providing a space for some decorative accessories.
Mah Jong modular sofa by the french company Roche Bobois. I love the different colors and patterns. Go boho!
Sectional sofas can be the best choice for your living room. Their multiple pieces allow you the flexibility to push them together as one unit or to break them up to create multiple living room looks. Take a look at this collection of 10 awesome sectional sofas that inspire you!
Collection of midular units that can be combined as required, with three types of pouf that can further personalise each configuration; the feather filling makes it particularly soft and the wide choice of removable covers in fabric or leather  "dress" it with elegance.
Urban interior design reflects the diverse backgrounds and interests of the people migrating to live there. Urban design is characterized by striking colors, nontraditional materials and innovative style.
A blend of both traditional and contemporary furnishings used to create an interior design that is comfortable, functional and eclectic. Small and unexpected details are found throughout the room. They include a pheasant lamp, a bold painting with splashes of graffiti and a spider sculpture on one end table. Instead of using traditional window treatments for the three windows located behind the sofa, white sheers are hung all the way down the sofa wall. The sheers add a great amount of soft texture and fluid movement to the room.
The spanish interior design magazine mi casa revista is a true inspiration and just picked out these 10 Charming Living Room Design Ideas to see. Take a look at these fabulous living room designs.
Interesting and beautiful combination of a classic bergere armchair and a modern sofa. Dynamic, elegant and fresh living room design. Love it!
A great collection of small living room designs by Colin & Justin. Colin & Justin are Scottish interior designers and television presenters.
At present we’re working on new ideas in Canada where we recently bought a downtown Toronto penthouse. We’re also getting used to being back in Britain after our exploits on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and have just completed 24 episodes of ‘The Sixty Minute Makeover’, also for ITV. The premise? Three rooms transformed in precisely one hour. Sounds crazy, perhaps, but it’s all in the choreography and of course careful pre planning! It’s a wonderful show with which we’re proud to be associated.
Minimal baroque living room furniture design by the italian firm Modenese Gastone. Modenese Gastone Exclusive Design goes beyond classic furniture tradition and revisits it to realize design from classics. Solid wood furniture have now modern colors and new finishes, designed to dress the living room. Exclusive Design is a brand which stands for high quality, accurate research and style.
The living room is the most popular place in a house for the entertainment of guests, and where families come together to end their day, relax after a long workweek or to enjoy a television program together. In most cases this room is on the main level of a home and sees a lot of activity. This is why it is imperative that this area to be decorated and made into a friendly atmosphere to ensure the comfort of visitors. When planning a living room design, the first and most important factor to decide is the purpose of the room. One thing to remember when designing your living area is that you have to be comfortable in the room and like the style since you will most likely be spending a lot of your time in the room. Finally here are a few living room design ideas that will really get you in touch with the style that you want.
Brazilian architect Gisele Taranto in collaboration with art curator Mara Fainziliber and lighting designer
Maneco Quinderé created an interior called Living Room of an Art Collector, as part of Casa Cor, an important event of national architecture and decoration held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The brief of the project was to create a place where tradition meets contemporary decoration, in a pleasant manner. Here is small description from Gisele Taranto: “Ceiling, floor and walls were kept as originally and received pieces of art and designed furniture. The biggest challenge was to show that it is possible to add contemporaneity to any historical room, giving emphasis to both. Pieces of renowned and new promising artists, national and internationally, were used in the space.” Even though this massive, 1000 square foot living room is not something one could easily recreate, some of the decorating elements found here are beautiful, practical and inspiring.
For a blast of cool contempo style inspiration for your living space, these visualizations display laid back luxury, strong modern artwork choices, and clear cut color schemes to transform your home into a trendsetter.
Via Kalando81
Here we’re looking at décor with a slightly industrial edge, or a subtly masculine air about it, where plain robust fabrics rule on furniture with metal detailing, surrounded by interesting worldly knickknacks and extensive book collections.
The Italian company Mobileffe is famous in the whole world because of the exceptional quality of its modern furniture. We present you several living rooms from their rich collection. Every piece of furniture designed by this company looks modern, with the impression of warmth and home. These living rooms reflect the Italian style with their high bookshelves, beautiful armchairs and sofas, and their coffee tables and carpets. Anyone who chooses this furniture for his living room is certainly someone who has an excellent taste.

Here’s another example that still proves that having a small apartment doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get everything you need. This is a smart design of a small Swedish apartment; the apartment literally provides its resident with everything; nothing’s forgotten or missed out. Another thing that is really taken care of is the decorative side; things aren’t piled up in the apartment in a messy way. A high decorative taste is seen through the design, and practical furniture is used to supply all necessary stuff without occupying much space. The first thing to notice about this apartment, which is essential and smart, is that the color white was used on all of the walls. White walls are necessary in small apartments because they make the overall look bright and give an illusional feeling that the place is wide. First off, the living area includes a beautiful L-shaped sofa that comes in a solid color and some printed pillows are thrown on it to give a colorful look. A printed rug, a portrait, and a small table with a flower vase on it are put to complete the look of a small living room. A wall shelving unit is present taking the whole height of the wall which is really smart. These shelves provide a lot of space for storage. You can store a large number of books, or other stuff in there.

This idyllic house in Cadaqués, a pretty town on the Costa Brava with stunning views of the sea, is the summer retreat of Yves and Marie, who each year leave their busy lives in Toulouse, France, and spend their time here in rustic simplicity and peaceful contemplation of the spectacular scenery. Their home, designed by the Catalan architect José Luis Aloso Eijo, is essentially two large glassed in white cubes — one for the children's and guest rooms, the other the living room and master bedroom. A patio joins the two spaces, and the use of simple natural materials and clever sliding walls keeps things airy and relaxed. Beautiful and magical.

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