Homeowners who are planning a kitchen extension can quickly become confused if they aren't working to a well thought out plan. There are questions about whether there is a need for an architect or is advice from a builder enough? Will the builder be certain as to whether your extension requires a building permit? Extending your kitchen doesn't have to be as overwhelming as it might first seem. Here are a few things to consider when planning your perfect kitchen extension.

Size Up the Job
If you feel your kitchen extension is major then you could find the works falling under the category of needing a building permit. For example, if you need to knock down a wall or if you want to create new space on top of your garage, you will have to submit detailed kitchen extension plans to the relevant authorities. In a case such as this you would have to have architectural drawings completed.

The only way to be sure of the rules and regulations you are bound by in your area is to contact your local council. You should most definitely do this to avoid problems in the future. You could be selling your home in five or ten years’ time, and if there is no record of the kitchen extension or any extension you may have done in your home, you could face serious consequences from the authorities.

If you really doubt you'll need a permit then you might be averse to hiring an architect to do the drawings, however, to avoid complications you should submit as much detail to council as possible to avoid unnecessary red tape. Basic drawings and even photos can assist council in making their determination on your planned works.

Don't Cut Corners
Although it's tempting to cut corners wherever you can to save money and even speed up your kitchen extension it can spell trouble over the long term. Even if you don't require architectural drawings for council, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be useful in planning your perfect kitchen extension. Yes, architects do not come cheap, but they are experts at creating space that works like a dream and making the most efficient use of the available space within your home. Investing in proper plans will mean your kitchen will bring you years of optimum function and enjoyment.

The other huge benefit of hiring an architect or an interior decorator is that they take all the worry out of the situation for you. You will know you can trust them to bring your dream kitchen to life and they will even handle council issues and sometimes deal directly with builders, helping the project stay on track and things to be built exactly as per the plan.

At the end of the day, professional advice will ensure your kitchen extension moves along with very few hiccups so it's worth investing both time and money to get your project off on the right foot. And before you know it you'll be enjoying your fabulous kitchen extension and be happy in the knowledge that you invested where it mattered most - the long term value of your home and your everyday enjoyment of it too.

BathroomsNews has offered these tips, which can be incorporated at the time doing a kitchen extension. You can read more about tips and décor ideas on bathrooms news.
Not too clean but not too precious, this 150-square-foot kitchen for a couple in Austin, Texas, feels just right. Daniela Johnston of UB Kitchens reorganized the layout, incorporating plenty of storage and counter space while maintaining the clients' love of French country style. Custom and ready-made pieces add warmth and patina.
The kitchen's original layout and lack of storage made cooking a drag. Despite the limited square footage, the couple wanted to expand the counter space and space for dishes. "Everything was a tight fit," says Johnston.
Perimeter countertops, open shelving and tons of new drawers give the new layout an open feel while packing in plenty of function.
Cabinetry: Mid Continent Signature Series in Maple, Celadon and Antique White; countertop: Eco, Silestone

This kitchen used an in-frame design with mainly one painted colour, that being the Farrow & Ball Old White. This was accented with natural oak on the island unit pillars and on the bespoke cooker hood canopy. The Island unit features slide away tray storage on one side with tongue and grove panelling most of the way round. All of the Cupboard internals in this kitchen where clad in a Birch veneer. The main Focus of the kitchen was a Mercury Range Cooker in Blueberry. Above the Mercury cooker was a bespoke hood canopy designed to be at the correct height in a very low ceiling room. The sink and tap where from Franke, the sink being a VBK 720 twin bowl ceramic sink and a Franke Venician tap in chrome. The whole kitchen was topped of in a beautiful granite called Ivory Fantasy in a 30mm thickness with pencil round edge profile.
I love those old NYC houses with exposed brick walls! Brick walls in kitchens can be used as inspiration for your decorating scheme, no matter what interior design style you gravitate toward. You can create an eye-catching brick accent wall with thin brick veneer. Brick veneers can improve the look of your kitchen and, with proper consideration, can be put up by most do-it-yourselfers.
Check out these 10 Fab Kitchen Ideas Using Brick Walls!

I'm smitten by this simple yet outstanding renovation of what once used to be a dull kitchen. The butcherblock countertop and the wooden panel splashbacks make a great pair with the whites of the appliances, the Ikea cabinets and the floor. The little details here and there, like the industrial bins, the open shelving, the desk lamp next to the range and the double cord lamps hanging from the ceiling create the exact handmade-industrial atmosphere I love to love.

Today we are featuring Modern stylish kitchen design - An Excellent collection of modern Kitchen design ideas from Italian company Dada. This model is elegant without being affected, and is truly designer-oriented right down to the smallest details of everyday objects.
I love a beautiful exposed wall. These brick walls give an industrial character to a space. Here some example of an exposed wall in a kitchen, living room and even a bathroom.

Spanish interior design studio Cuartopensante has recently completed the Doble Dueto Apartment project in Albaida, a town in the Valencian Community of Spain.
The architects have designed the interior of this 1,400 square foot apartment with extensive use of HI-MACS®, a new generation of natural acryl stone.

There are so many companies now that specialise in kitchen design. The difference with Logoscoop lies in the fact that they don’t restrict themselves with what is popular rather they respond to each design brief individually and try to reflect the end user’s personality in the design. They pay attention to the lifestyle and habits of the each client, allowing for a higher level of detail.
The kitchens in themselves are functional and modern. Each one is an unusual ‘one-of-a-kind’ creation. Logosscoop original approach to the design of the kitchens allows the end result to be distinctive while still being serviceable. Splashes of colour, creative storage solutions and how the kitchen flows from the rest of the house are integral elements which have been carefully considered by the designers resulting in some very interesting solutions as is apparent from these examples.

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