Whether we live in own home or a rental, we always wants the architecture and the interior of that home beautiful and sober. No doubt it is not arduous to plan interiors in a unique way. However, the difficulties arise when you have small apartments or a limited space for living. Space is really an issue but along with that how you setup your furniture and other belongings in that small space is a bigger issue than that. Furniture assets are highly personalized things in any house. In this article we will discuss some inexpensive interior design Dubai ideas for small apartments.

Place right furniture on right place

You can easily attain a simple and elegant look for you apartment simply by placing the right furniture at the right corner of a room. Always buy good quality furniture that compliments you interior. It is a good to leave spaces for easy movement in the room. Small scale sofas, chairs and tables are enough for small apartments. Choose table with drawers at the front of the sofa.

Accessories for interior designing

Many companies are offering interior designing services and accessories in Dubai. Curtains, lamps, rugs, lamps etc are essential items that can emphasize your design theme. The accessories are those things which highlight your own personality and enhance the overall décor of your room. For more elegant look, choose each accessory of the room that matches with other objects.

Color of the room

Color is a vital factor in any house interior designing. The coloring theme of the room makes or breaks the entire look of the room. Even colors can also affect your emotions and mood when you are at home. Currently, dark colors are in high demand and make the space look smaller. Soft color shades are considered as most inviting and soothing coloring choice. Obviously, you can choose any shade for your walls, furniture items and furnishings, but preferably go for some cool color options to make your room look more spacious.

Decorating styles

Dubai is a country in which all decorating styles are adopted by people from Spain to Northern Africa interior decorating styles. You can choose any theme, style relies on a combination of colors and furniture. You can also use exotic plants as a part of the home décor. Traditional lighting style is also good interior design for those who love the traditional style decoration.

Some tips for interior designing

• It is a subject art. You just need to pay an attention on your likes and dislikes so that you can express your best and elegant style.
• It is good to stick on a particular theme.
• Remember, interior designing is not always about the concept of styling, but it also requires some functionality.

All the above-mentioned content is very easy to understand for everyone. One can easily gather ideas about best interior decorating for their home.

Claudia is a long term author and having years of experience in this field of home décor Dubai. She has been creating wonderful, practical rooms for residential and commercial customers.
Spring is right around the corner and what better time to redecorate your home?  The sun will soon be shining and the days getting longer, so prepare to makeover your interiors!  Choosing a new colour scheme is a great way to inject some life into tired, boring interiors and the good news is that spring’s colours are fresh, vibrant and exciting – perfect if you’re bored of your magnolia walls and neutral wood flooring.

Grab a brush
If you decide painting is in order, grab a pot and brush and get started!  Make sure you stock up on enough paint in your chosen shade for the room in question, as there’s nothing worse than running out mid-project.  Remember that using darker shades will make a room appear smaller, whilst cool shades could make a north-facing room feel cold, so choose your hues with care!  Off-white shades such as apple green or peach are great for spring – you can always add interest with wall decals or a feature papered wall.

Add accessories

For an easier way to update your home’s interior, leave the painting to the pros and stock up on some gorgeous home accessories.  From candles to cushion covers, window coverings to floor coverings, the right accessories can really give your living room a lift; plus accessories are easy to change with the seasons!  Floral or foliage patterned rugs look gorgeous in the lounge, and turquoise, mint green and yellow are all great shades for spring.  Mix and match with these fresh, vibrant shades and maybe inject a floral pattern or two into the mix as well.

Keep it light and bright

Take down those heavy, lined curtains and prepare for the lighter, brighter months with sheer window coverings.  Voiles are a great way to let the light into your home whilst providing you with a degree of privacy, and if you need added privacy, just invest in some paper or roller blinds for a fresh spring look.  You’ll find patterned and coloured voiles as well as traditional white ones, and these are ideal for adding some contemporary style to any home.

Injecting some of the brightness of spring into your home is easy if you know how.  Make sure you remove dark, heavy furniture and accessories and replace them with bright, vibrant styles that are perfect for the new season.  Another great tip is to bin those mulled wine and spiced apple air fresheners and invest in some fresh smelling scented candles or reed diffusers.  Scents such as fresh linen, green apple and vanilla are all great for spring and will create an instantly welcoming ambience in your home that visitors will find hard to resist.  You don’t have to spend a fortune either – mix and match budget pieces from high street stores with designer brands for a look that is stylish yet won’t break the bank.  Your friends and family will be envious of your gorgeous new space and wondering how you managed to achieve such stylish interiors without spending a fortune hiring an interior design agency! Or, if you do have a bit of money to spend and would you home looking completely stunning, then try giving Harrowby Designs a call, or visit their website at: www.harrowbydesigns.co.uk and have a browse… we hope that you find something that you like!
Bywood Street Residence by Sharratt Design
Bywood Street Residence is an incredibly stunning transitional style home that has been designed by architecture studio Sharratt Design, in conjunction with interior design firm Martha O’Hara Interiors in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics. The result is an elegant, enduring design that is both comfortable and classic, as is displayed in this aesthetically pleasing residence.
Have you ever heard the saying “blue and green should never be seen”? Well this article aims to prove that saying wrong once and for all.When picking colour combinations for the home one of the ways you can do so is via using the colour wheel.

Blogs are increasingly popular on the internet and some have dedicated followers. Mostly well written, they deal with a cornucopia of interior design subjects. They often have a different take on conventional ideas and have some very creative solutions to all kinds of issues. There are no more popular blogs than those dealing with interior design. Browsing some of these blogs is inspirational and can give you ideas and new tips and techniques for your own projects. In this article, we take a look at what we consider the top ten interior design blogs on the internet and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. In no particular order then……enjoy!
Modern style is very popular in designing house interior and exterior. Here are some modern terrace design ideas you might like for references. Archinspire through their image in page with "Outdoors Terrace Rooftop Design Ideas" title give us their idea, what do you think? Hit-Decor also give modern terrace design idea by picture with title "Luxury furniture for terrace: part of the charm of the house". See also the other, there may be some modern terrace design idea you looking for. [via]
If you work at home then you home office should be gorgeous, right? Of course if you haven’t enough space it could be small but nevertheless it should be stylish and practical. This roundup mostly includes home offices that are designed to amaze. They are mostly quite moody and definitely aren’t colorful but each of them could impress your visitors and make you feel proud of yourself. We hope you’ll find some inspiration among them. Enjoy!

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. The uniqueness of Bonsai tree is on its form, small and even dwarf. Choosing Bonsai tree as your special home accessories is great to lift a room scheme. Bonsai can create the air calm and class at any interior decoration tone. Poetic Home offers a wall decoration of Bonsai tree. It can be placed nicely using peculiar pots. a white room scheme will be more interesting by adding little greeny touch from your small Bonsai tree on the white wooden table.

PoornaJayasinghe inspires you with precious bonsai tree inside your bedroom suites furniture. Black pot combined with dark green color of Bonsai leaves is fully attracts people’s attention over a minimalist design. Red bonsai tree on your white kitchen set is visualized by Studio EOS. the great combination of red and white promote a glamor impression.
What will you say if you are look the modern design of slovenian house? The contemporary design idea is very perfect and looks elegant. I wonder, this is very hard thing to create the design like this style. But, don’t you want to decorate your home with these models? I think this story can make an inspiration for you.

Concrete Wallpaper Collection by Tom Haga.
The Concrete Wallpaper collection is the result of photographing raw and refined  concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even grafitti, in locations across Norway. The imagery used in this unique wallpaper is based on high-resolution photography and custom manipulation. No pattern is ever repeated, something which results in a very realistic finish and Scandinavian design at its best.
Interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Studio has designed the 100% Chocolate Cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

Project description
100% Chocolate Cafe. opened its second shop at Tokyo Solamachi, located in the new Tokyo landmark, Tokyo Sky Tree. The café features an open kitchen where visitors can watch the process of sweets being made through a display of glazed boxes containing ingredients of 56 different types of chocolate, creating a tempting atmosphere of a “chocolate kitchen” similar to the first 100% Chocolate Cafe. in Kyobashi. This second café has an in-store goods shop and takeout counter just outside the café. The systematical display of sweets and a variety of original items are combined with an easy-to-view, easy-to-buy layout, enhancing the overall accessibility.
Chile based firm 57Studio have designed the Fray Leon House completed in 2008. Located in a district, east area of Santiago, this residence is surrounded by old trees which was greatly considered in planning. The result is a H-shaped layout which avoided the position and in some spaces integrated the said trees. More...
Reading books and home library areas are the perfect place to kick back and escape from the real world with a work of fiction, or to huddle down and study those textbooks. However you’d like to use your book nook, this compilation should hold some inspiration on how to make the most of your little–or large–library.
Via Andre Rosh
If you don’t have enough floor space to dedicate a large area solely to your reading place, then how about just one chair? This rack chair is a quirky way to hold your reading material close at hand without encroaching on the rest of the room.
Heather Depuis and her family relocated to Brittany, in France, in 1999, where they set up home in a traditional longere (farmhouse). Heather oversaw the complete restoration of the property as well as its interior design. The use of vibrant colour was integral to her scheme and the look is strongly influenced by the colours and style seen in the houses of Provence.
Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design Ideas is collected by us from around the world. When you use black and white color for your interior design can create awesome decor. Black and white contemporary interiors design which really brings attention to those vintage danish modern.
You can use this simple color for your living room, modern small kitchen, simple bedroom, bathroom and many more. Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design combination works because simplicity is beautiful and the proportionate and balanced usage of colors is enough.
For some people black and white is both modern and classic. Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design is crisp and clean and many consider it sleek and modern. If there's room, a piano, with its ebony and ivory keys, makes a great focal point. Consider white tile or carpet  with a black leather sofa and chairs. so enjoy this 40 Black and White Contemporary Interiors Design image gallery.
Check out these awesome modern interiors, designed by a Russian design firm by the name of D-E-S-I-G-N. These are practical and good looking - unlike those designs that look good, but are completely unusable!
French company Vertbaudet specialize in different product for kids and their rooms. Among their products are different elements of decor and furniture for baby nurseries too. To show them to public they designed several different nurseries which I find very cute and attractive. Even if you won’t buy their furniture you might use their ideas to make your baby nursery perfect. Enjoy their designs, I hope they will provide you with some interesting and cool ideas.

Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro November 2012. Facing one of the most breathtaking scenery of the city – Sugar Loaf – the 22nd edition of Casa Cor Rio settles into a mansion full of stories to tell. With very high ceilings and large windows, the beautiful and famous building in eclectic style and with over 5,400 m2, was the Boarding School of Nursing Anna Nery (1926 – 1973) and the College Student House (1973 – 1995) . The event brings together 85 talented architects, decorators and landscapers, who create more than 53 environments.
Enjoy 62 Incredible Interior Design Photos!

If you have a villa like this, then you are really lucky! Having the chance to enjoy an outdoor place like this is really something amazing, and watching the sunset is one of the most beautiful things that you can ever watch, and the color of the sky is enough to make you relax and relieve all your stresses. This is a fancy vacation villa in Indonesia; everything in this place is just beautiful. The villa overlooks the hillside that is totally covered with greenery and the terrace includes a long pool just above the hillside and chaise lounges are added to enjoy and relax. An outdoor dining set that is totally made of wicker is added, where the chairs are covered with cushions, and the table is covered with a round glass.
Fancy Vacation Villa, Indonesia
Delpha brings a collection of ultra stylish bathroom interiors for you. The designs are inspired by nature, pop culture, baroque and urban interiors.

Each bath area runs on a central theme where the fixtures and accessories are thoughtfully arranged. Most of the designs sport brightly coloured walls with rich use of textures. Some walls have mosaic tiles which are like jewels studded in a luxurious haven of purity. Going by the images, it looks as though this Delpha collection is targeting the luxury end of the market meant for people willing to pay the extra dollar.

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