Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched friends, family members and colleagues move into their very first homes - and I have to admit that I am pretty jealous. However, my partner and I have been stashing away our spare cash to put towards our deposit, but reaching our savings target has been tricky as there are always unexpected costs cropping up. These range from getting the car serviced to having the central heating system fixed.

 Regardless of the setbacks, we are on track to have enough saved up to buy our first house next year, and I couldn’t be more excited. There are so many reasons why I want to own a home, rather than frittering away money on rent; I figured I would share some of these reasons with you here so you can understand where I am coming from...

Unleashing my creativity

Perhaps the number one reason I can’t wait to find a house and move in is due to the fact I will be able to start decorating it! I would love to find a property that is described as a “project” so I can really put my own stamp on the way it looks and feels. The day I head to the DIY store to pick up a set of paint brushes, rollers and other tools will be a milestone, and this simple task will mean a huge deal to me.

Although I don’t have a huge deal of experience when it comes to home renovations, I am interested in fixing things and using my creativity, so it is a challenge I will be happy to accept when the time comes. It also means that we will end up with the perfect decor without having to find it first.

Embracing the freedom

Rental properties have so many restrictions that you can never really feel completely at home. In my opinion, renting a flat or house is basically like living in a glorified hotel or holiday home - you can stay there but you can’t really do anything with it. If you did, the likelihood would be getting a huge deduction in a rental deposit! That’s why I really want to own the space in which I live.

I want the freedom to have a pet, to host a barbecue, or even just put a nail in the wall to hold up a mirror. These things may seem small, but they really can improve the quality of everyday life - or at least they would for me.

Getting on the ladder

Another reason for wanting to own a property is simply to get on the property ladder. It feels like this is becoming harder and harder to achieve, and I’d like to do it relatively soon before it becomes impossible due to the price of houses and the availability of mortgages. Our first home will pave the way towards the future, when we might need to buy somewhere even bigger to accommodate a growing family.
Indeed, when you first saw advertise about Home for Sale Sarasota Fl, in the news; you must have been dreaming about it lately. However, what you may not have been pondering over is the necessary financial calculations, which will be required to finalize the purchase. Now there are many properties that one may choose from, some would be cheap, some may be reasonably affordable, while few would be expensive.

Average cost of property

This would be $136 for each square foot of area that one wishes to buy. That’s still the minimum, while $180,000 is median price for purchasing a home in the Sarasota area. In the not so popular areas, the price starts from $630,000 for ready built homes. Now in the most popular and highly demanded neighborhoods this starts from $176,000 and goes beyond $186,000. You may think that this is it, when it’s about prices of home for sale Sarasota Fl, but there is indeed more to the picture. There are more expensive neighborhoods that are known for their exorbitant price tags, but that’s very apt considering the area where it falls.

Among the high cost resident areas comes Harbor Acres, where the price starts from $3,350,000; whereas the real selling cap is close to $1,100,000. The prominent neighborhoods that come within this area are;

• Lido Key
• Bird Key
• St. Armands
• Golden Gate
• Lido Shores
• Sam Remo
• Bay Isle

Other neighborhoods

In the median areas the range commences from an affordable $920,000 and goes up to $550,000, where actual selling tag is anywhere from $565,000 to $383,000. One must also take into consideration the fact that properties further inland would be lower in selling price. There are couples of neighborhoods that fall under this area where the prices are as prescribed earlier.

• Bellevue Terrace
• Alta Vista
• Oakwood Manor
• Eastwoods
• Glen Oaks Estates
• Arlington Park
• Ringling Park
• John Ringling

Final take

Though there is nothing as such called final take unless you don’t finalize on the purchase of a home for sale Sarasota Fl. Other than the various options to pick from homes, one could go for condos, which are available for less than any of the expensive or even average home prices. The key here is to keep in mind the budget, requirement as well as the amenities that are available with the home, which one intends on buying.
Moving your entire home to another location has never been a simple task. A huge number of things need to be done in advance, during, and after the shift and they all have to be done in the right way at the right time. Therefore, if you are looking to move house, do not let the burden get onto you. Get your act together and start planning in advance for how to get things done properly with minimal efforts. Here are a few guidelines to help you out.

Packing and Removals Personnel can be hired
Let’s face it. If you’re a person who moves around a lot, you have probably shifted home about five times in your entire life. And I bet that each of those situations were slightly different in their own way, and you are probably at wit’s end with regard to how things can be taken care of this time. Why not hire a professional removals slough service to do the job for you? If you do, your moving will be taken care of by experts in the field who have experience in moving hundreds of households. They would know exactly what has to be done to get the correct packing in order, and how your stuff is moved most effectively to your new destination.

Closures and Changes in Address

This is something that most people do not take seriously at first and regret later. When you are moving away from home, it is of utmost importance that you take time out of your understandably busy schedule and make sure that any organisations or services (like Banks, for instance) that has your current location and address get their records straight. Failing this, you might notice that after you have moved, the organisation fails to serve you as previously and you have to come back all the way to your old location just to sign a piece of paper. With the removals slough service taking care of the main thing, you have ample time to concentrate on this matter.

Setting up your new home
Wherever you are moving, there are a bunch of things that you are certainly going to require, such as a TV license or broadband internet. If you do not take care of these requirements right before you actually move in, you might find that you have to spend one or more days deprived of the bare necessities in your new home. Hence, it is suggested that you take care of these right in the beginning. If nothing else makes arrangements to meet the right people the moment you get there.

 Family and Friends

A removal is stressful not only on you but also on your family. If you have children, then make sure they understand this as a minor life event that everyone has to go through, so that they do not get depressed. Also, it is important to inform your local friends and immediate family that you would be moving away.
Divorce is one of toughest things to go through, but once one faces this huge challenge, it is important to face the entire situation with a sober mind. Most people at this time end up making decisions hastily, which may have negative effects in the long run. A good example is when one plans to sell a house that once belonged to both parties before the divorce took place. Selling a house requires that a person gets the right advice in order for the process to pay the victim off. It is advisable to approach credible and a reliable real estate company that will be able to get the right value of the house and sell it.

It is important to ensure that one takes up the sale of their property with the right parties. At this point credit card lenders, banks and lawyers should be the last option to consider. During this time it is imminent that ownership of almost everything will have to change hands to individuals i.e. the divorces. There are a number of steps that one needs to take in order to successfully make a sale of the house and they include:

Take Not Of All Your Financial Accounts

When the marriage was working out, one will realize that most of the savings and properties were under the names of the spouses. Financial accounts, for example, are shared by both spouses. During the divorce process, one needs to ensure that they get their names removed from credit and debit cards to avoid being liable for their partner’s debts by paying them off. Sometimes getting the name removed may cause a lot of complications. To avoid this, one can have the credit card cancelled and get a new one under their names.

Get To Know the Investments That You Shared

It is no doubt that when the marriage seems to be a bed of roses, the partners delight in sharing responsibilities including loans.  Loans and mortgages that may have been taken up by the couple will now have to be keenly looked at, especially if the payment was yet to be completed. One needs to decide whether they are interested in the property or not. They need to ensure that they set the papers right to avoid any liability. It is also important to ensure that one is sure of managing the repayment of either the loan or the mortgage before taking it up. In a case where the repayment may cause a financial strain to both parties, it is important to consider disposing off the property as an option.

Refinance Your Home

Owning a home is a good investment because it is a valuable asset. In a case where the house may not have been settled, it is important to ensure that one does so. If you are the lucky partner to have repossessed the house, it is important to get legal assistance from a qualified lawyer.  He/she will in turn ensure that the property is under your name from the joint ownership and that all the papers are right. In a case where the bank may be reluctant to accept you as the new financier of the mortgage, one can sort the help of a close friend to act as a co-signer.

Ready For Sale

Having followed the above steps and ensuring that the house is in your name, then that means that the house is ready for sale. One needs to ensure that they get good real estate agents who will be able to get the right value of the house before it is disposed.  One can either carry out a research on the same or even get close friends and relatives to recommend good real estate agents. It is also advisable that the house be in a good condition in order to get the best value out it. Ensure that maintenance is carried out on time before either the agents or the buyers get to view the house.  Despite the low emotions and energies that may be experienced during divorce, it is important to know that not everything is be lost in the long run.

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Pests tend to create menace in every household in the United Kingdom. It is often very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a house that is infested with flies, mosquitos, cockroaches or ants. However, it is not at all recommended that one spray the insides of their homes with pesticide, as chemicals like DDT or Benzene Hexa-chloride are extremely dangerous for normal life to sustain, some of them can be lethal when ingested, and if nothing else, pesticide poisoning is one of leading causes of debilitating physical conditions worldwide. Several companies such as Pest Control St Albans are opting for natural remedies to pest infestation nowadays because they are safer.

Getting Rid of Flies

Flies can be dangerous as they carry a lot of diseases with them. This is because flies feed on the excrement of other animals and often on decaying organic matter such as road kills, which always carry a lot of dangerous microorganisms. A lot of the communicable diseases caused in humans can come from house flies. Some ways to get rid of them are:

1.      Clean the doors and windows of your house with a cloth dipped in oil of lavender. Also, consider taking an oil spray and spraying some of the oil on your patio. These are common places for flies to settle, and it might help get rid of them.
·         Plant herbs such as basil or mint in groups near your patio or near your doors in pots. These herbs repel flies (among a host of other pests) and are sure to rid your house of pests. For added effect, consider breaking off a few leaves on your way in or out of the house so as to increase the aroma of the plants.


Dangerous illnesses such as malaria or dengue fever can be caused by mosquitoes. Common remedies such as mosquito repellent oils commercially available can cause headaches, confusion, and asthma. Hence, natural remedies are a safer option once again.

1.   Alcohol repels mosquitoes. So before you go into a place where there are bound to be mosquitoes, rub some alcohol on your skin. If you do not have alcohol, you may consider rubbing some of the mouthwash on your skin too, as they contain alcohol. This would keep mosquitoes from biting you.

2.   Mosquitoes breed in water bodies around your household. Be sure to keep any open bodies of water either removed or covered. If it is not possible to cover a certain body of water, like a swimming pool, for instance, then you may pour some (not too much) detergent soap onto these waters, as they would kill the mosquito eggs before they hatch.
3.   Mix Liquid Soap with three or four capfuls of peppermint oil and wash your doors and windows with it. If possible, take up the carpet and keep it in the sun for a few hours to as to get rid of any moisture that is stuck in it.

If you have ever been in a fierce battle with a pesky pest you will understand how important it is to get the problem sorted out quickly. As the infestation continues over time, it can be harder to shift the blighters from your home, and areas of the house could even be left with significant damage.
There are professionals out there who work with commercial premises and homeowners to resolve these problems with pests. One such company, Merlin Environmental (www.merlinenvironmental.co.uk) has some helpful information online that you might like to read about tackling infestations. However if you are lucky enough to be ‘pest-free’ at the moment, it is worthwhile for you to be aware of some of the creatures that could be a problem in the future.
Here are just a few of them:

There are different kinds of ants that can be a problem in the home, but the most common is the black garden ant. However there are some varieties including the Pharaoh Ant which can be an absolute nightmare to eradicate, and can really only be dealt with by the professionals. A company of pest controllers will also be able to correctly identify the type of ants in a property, making the situation much easier to handle. You would know if you had a problem with ants in the home if you saw the live insects, their pathways, or perhaps small heaps of dirt where their nest sites are.


When it comes to rodents you are looking at rats and mice in particular. The problem with these animals is that they can adapt to almost any environment, meaning that your home could be at risk. You wouldn’t want to eat in a restaurant that had a rodent infestation, so one should be dealt with immediately in your home as well; these pests can pose a significant health hazard and can cause damage. Signs of rats and mice include live animals, droppings, damaged furniture or wires, and nesting material.

If you are the type of person that jumps with fear each time you hear a buzzing noise, you will not want to be subject to a wasp infestation at your home. Upon discovery of a wasps nest, you should call a team of experts who will be able to come out and eradicate the problem within a few hours. Wasps can cause a painful sting, but they can also be life threatening to those who are allergic to these stings.

Bed bugs

There are pests that can take up residence in your bedroom too; these are bed bugs. These tiny things can be easily transported in suitcases, and the bad news is that they are prolific breeders - they multiply at a rate of 5,000 offspring per female. You will know if you have bed bugs if you experience: irritation, rash and swelling, blood spots on sheets, tiny specks of droppings, as well as the live insects. The best way to banish the beasts is to call in the professionals; preferably before the problem spreads to other areas of the home.
With its stunning pool and impeccable style, The Sotogrande House is fit for a celebrity. The credit for its design goes to Spanish architectural firm A-cero. The design is fresh and exciting and you can’t stop but admire how serene the whole home looks. White dominates throughout and except for this minor(?) challenge of keeping it that way we really can’t find anything else to crib about this fabulous home.

Moroccan riads are always a great source of inspiration. Ryad Sharai is one of the biggest riads in Marrakech. It is hidden behind a weather-beaten door in a narrow street in the Bab Tharzout quarter. A riad is a house with a patio and this gorgeous riad has quite a large patio. It has seven bedrooms, all situated around the patio and the pool. Behind the labyrinth of rooms there is a staircase leading to the terraces. From there you have a magnificent view of the city and the Atlas mountains. The cosy cushions make this place very inviting!
This cheerful home design, rendered by Denis Khramov, is littered with colorful hits throughout its pure white decor. Carefully placed base notes of black ground the airy scheme whilst still keeping the overall look refreshing and youthful.
 Large edgy artwork adorns the gallery white walls, picking up on the homes colorful accessories, such as an extensive book collection and a rainbow of scatter cushions on the sofa. 
Love this pretty cottage in Mousehole, Cornwall — a converted net loft built in the 1800s on 17th-century foundations. Beautiful soft tones and textures, all with details that reflect the home's seaside location.

Located on the north coast of Zealand, Denmark, this small cottage started life as a Jeppesen-house of 35 square meters. Current owners architect Per Buchardt and stylist and artist Nicoline Olsen have since added an additional 55 square meters to the original design by Emil Jeppesen — plus a collection of home-built and vintage furniture, colourful art and accessories.

Architectural Digest recently marked what would have been Georgia O'Keeffe's 125th birthday with a look back at the artist's Abiquiu, New Mexico home and studio, originally featured in their July 1981 issue. It's easy to see why she found her surroundings so inspiring — that landscape is epic.

This idyllic house in Cadaqués, a pretty town on the Costa Brava with stunning views of the sea, is the summer retreat of Yves and Marie, who each year leave their busy lives in Toulouse, France, and spend their time here in rustic simplicity and peaceful contemplation of the spectacular scenery. Their home, designed by the Catalan architect José Luis Aloso Eijo, is essentially two large glassed in white cubes — one for the children's and guest rooms, the other the living room and master bedroom. A patio joins the two spaces, and the use of simple natural materials and clever sliding walls keeps things airy and relaxed. Beautiful and magical.

What is now a stunning beach house in Amagansett, New York for Athena and Victor Calderone is a testament to their ability to see potential — Victor describes black mold hanging from a collapsing ceiling, and a pool filled with mosquitoes (and worse) when they first found it. But they loved the elegant lines of the 1960s house and were determined to restore it to its former glory. Now they enjoy weekends away from their hectic lives with their young son Jivan. 

Villa 803 is a luxury contemporary vacation home located in Caló den Real on the west coast of Ibiza island, Spain.
From the terrace, the property offers beautiful views over the sea, the islands Bledas and S’Espartas and fantastic sunsets.
With its five ensuite bedrooms, the villa accomodates up to ten guests and can be booked from early May to the end of September, from €2,233 to €2,590 per night, with a minimum stay of 7 nights.