Fleas are a menace to every home owner and they cause irritation and discomfort to people and pets alike; and yet, it is almost impossible to find homes that have got rid of fleas completely. The most aggravating thing about these little pests is that are everywhere – right from your pet’s coat, to your carpet, and behind the sofa cushions – it seems impossible to find a place in the house that is not infested with these creatures.

However; before one attempts to kill them; one must be aware of the life cycle of fleas. The common mistake we make is to assume that fleas are predominant in animal furs. But; this is the time we notice them as they have reached the ‘biting stage’. The fleas that dwell on animal furs are majorly adult fleas that lay hundreds of eggs on the fur of the animal. These eggs then fall away as and when the pet moves and tends to accumulate in places where the pet spends most of its time like on the sofa cushions or on the carpet. When the flea eggs hatch, they become worm like larvae that remain hidden from the eye and feed on adult flea feces. After this, they transform to pupae they stay in this stage for 2-4 weeks. Finally they become adult fleas.
Inspired to make as much of the wonderful space and light in their lovely Copenhagen apartment, Kristina and Arash decided to think outside the box and go up, creating a stepped living/sleep space that also offers huge amounts of storage. Arash, an architect, designed the furniture with Kristina, which he then built it himself. The use of oversized pieces throughout continues the play with scale — it's a fun and interactive space to live in, and perfect for their little boy to explore, too. Morehere on Bolig Magasinet.
Inspired by the very nature of water in motion, Fl’eau bath designed by Joel Roberts has evolved from a single surface corian body celebrating the beauty of fluidity. This bath is another great creation by Joel Roberts following the already popular Eaux Eaux sink.
Fl’eau is a freestanding bath that has embodied the notion of an overflowing bath to create stability to an otherwise rounded and unstable tub, one that is symmetrical and viably accessible from either side.
Fl’eau’s allure derives from its feminine curvature and twisted, flowing lines, creating a comfortable and practical bath that would act as a centrepiece in any home.
The Eaux Eaux sink is Joel Roberts take on the oceanic wave. The simple form, in one fluid motion, integrates the spout into the basin. It’s like the flow and ebbing of the waves in a synchronized dance. The base is secured into a recessed counter top while the stainless steel body is glam-ed up with a blush of paint. The overall effect is perfect and yes….I want one for mi casa.