If you work at home then you home office should be gorgeous, right? Of course if you haven’t enough space it could be small but nevertheless it should be stylish and practical. This roundup mostly includes home offices that are designed to amaze. They are mostly quite moody and definitely aren’t colorful but each of them could impress your visitors and make you feel proud of yourself. We hope you’ll find some inspiration among them. Enjoy!

The way we work has evolved. Work is less formal and collaboration is inherently social. Many workspaces have adapted throughout the years but the conference room has largely remained unchanged for decades.  This became the focus of our project for Coalesse.
What a colourful and quirky place to work at. PENSON Group was given the task of creating a vibrant workspace, that would make people want to come into work and be more productive. It's pretty cool to see some traditional British styling mixed into the design of this office. The office was developed on 160,000 square feet and occupies half of Central Saint Giles development near Tottenham Court Road.

This place was once a Dominican church found in Maastricht but was then used as a parish then a ware house and many other purposes. But since it is a really huge and historical church, it was finally seized in the right way. This huge church was converted into an amazing modern bookstore; Selexyz. Selexyz is a large chain of bookstores in Netherlands, and taking this place was a really smart idea. The bookstore in this church has a modern design; the place is perfect for reading, and includes books concerning all subjects. The bookstore consists of three levels, where books are stacked in an amazing order, and you can find seating places to read whatever you want. To make this place really enjoyable, a coffee shop is also found so that you can have a drink while reading your book. The whole design is really great and organized, and you’ll definitely love it.

Your work environment directly influences your mood and ability to generate inspiration and creativity. Creative workplaces usually have interesting and visually stimulating elements throughout the space. Featured here are 10 creative workplaces that would succeed at inspiring any designer.

Lifehacker is a productivity blog that writes about innovative ways to make your life easier. Essentially for the tech savvy, they feature free softwares and solutions for almost everything that spells I.T. They also have a section called ‘featured workplaces’ where they highlight innovative and extraordinary workspaces. Here are a few that caught our fancy. It’s not just binary and codes that techies can comprehend!

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