Craftwood shutters, which are also known as Light Density Fireboard (LDF), are one of the most popular interior shutters that are made from Medium Density Fireboard (MDF). These are popular standard shutters that are composed of a center core of hardwood, bounded by laminate MDF and are finished with a tough water resistant poly-coating.

These MDF shutters are manufactured from composite woods that are harvested from well-managed forests and are finished with propylene coating in order to prevent moisture absorption as well as allowing easy stain removal. These shutters are long lasting shutters as they are constructed with a series of layers of plywood in order to prevent the warping and then wrapped up in MDF and a special UV coating. These shutters have polyurethane coating which resists the moisture which as a result resist against color fading. There are different types of shutters available in this category which is as follows:
  • Solid Based and Solid Shutters: These types of shutters prove to be the most practical, elegant as well as timeless solution. These shutters are louvered from above and the solid panels are below. These solid shutters are ultimate that gives traditional old-fashioned look to windows by adding perception of security.
  • Full Height: These types of shutters offer an endless variation to your windows as well as doors. It is composed of single or multiple control rods, different blade widths or different customized shapes.
  • Café Style: These types of shutters are ideal for ground level windows as well as town houses. Craftwood shutters of café style leaves the top of the window un-shuttered and using shutters for the bottom part. Thus, this style maximizes light while providing the privacy too.
  • Tier on Tier: These types of shutters have individual panels at the top and bottom which gives better adjustability to make most of the light and the view providing better privacy.
  • Bay Windows: These types of shutters represent British window styling till the internal plantation shutters were invented. It offers the best window dressing solution for the bays that provides high flexibility to show off the feature to its fullest.
  • Automated: These shutters are having optional specifications related to the hardwood full height and arched shutters. In addition to that, the remote control feature adds an extra style by providing automated light control.
  • Tracking Systems: These types of shutters provide perfect solution for patio doors as well as large window runs by implementing by-fold and by-pass techniques. The tracking systems are usually suited for long panel runs and are also suited for room partitions, dividers as well as wardrobe doors.

These were different types of craftwood shutters. While installing these shutters there are some important points that are necessary to keep in mind are as follows:
  • The tilt rods are used to control the shutters which are normally centered which can be offset to left or right hand side.
  • The standard Craftwood MDF shutters are heavier when compared to wooden shutters as it has some size and folding limitations.
  • There are different frame options available and so depending on the location of the shutters where it is going to be fixed, one should choose the shutters.
  • Craftwood shutters are not recommended for windows over 2000mm wide or patio doors due to its weight and construction.
Thus, even if these shutters are heavier than timber, one could incorporate use of craftwood shutters to give stunning look to your home along with sleek finish.
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Whether we live in own home or a rental, we always wants the architecture and the interior of that home beautiful and sober. No doubt it is not arduous to plan interiors in a unique way. However, the difficulties arise when you have small apartments or a limited space for living. Space is really an issue but along with that how you setup your furniture and other belongings in that small space is a bigger issue than that. Furniture assets are highly personalized things in any house. In this article we will discuss some inexpensive interior design Dubai ideas for small apartments.

Place right furniture on right place

You can easily attain a simple and elegant look for you apartment simply by placing the right furniture at the right corner of a room. Always buy good quality furniture that compliments you interior. It is a good to leave spaces for easy movement in the room. Small scale sofas, chairs and tables are enough for small apartments. Choose table with drawers at the front of the sofa.

Accessories for interior designing

Many companies are offering interior designing services and accessories in Dubai. Curtains, lamps, rugs, lamps etc are essential items that can emphasize your design theme. The accessories are those things which highlight your own personality and enhance the overall décor of your room. For more elegant look, choose each accessory of the room that matches with other objects.

Color of the room

Color is a vital factor in any house interior designing. The coloring theme of the room makes or breaks the entire look of the room. Even colors can also affect your emotions and mood when you are at home. Currently, dark colors are in high demand and make the space look smaller. Soft color shades are considered as most inviting and soothing coloring choice. Obviously, you can choose any shade for your walls, furniture items and furnishings, but preferably go for some cool color options to make your room look more spacious.

Decorating styles

Dubai is a country in which all decorating styles are adopted by people from Spain to Northern Africa interior decorating styles. You can choose any theme, style relies on a combination of colors and furniture. You can also use exotic plants as a part of the home décor. Traditional lighting style is also good interior design for those who love the traditional style decoration.

Some tips for interior designing

• It is a subject art. You just need to pay an attention on your likes and dislikes so that you can express your best and elegant style.
• It is good to stick on a particular theme.
• Remember, interior designing is not always about the concept of styling, but it also requires some functionality.

All the above-mentioned content is very easy to understand for everyone. One can easily gather ideas about best interior decorating for their home.

Claudia is a long term author and having years of experience in this field of home décor Dubai. She has been creating wonderful, practical rooms for residential and commercial customers.

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it is likely that your house is feeling a little bit cooler than a few months ago. With less hours of daylight, it can seem like your home never has enough time to get truly warm; it ends up coming down to the central heating to do all of the hard work. Naturally, heating your home can be quite expensive business, especially with all of the latest energy price rises. This might mean you are reluctant to put the heating on for as long as you really need to each day.
That is why it can be a refreshing activity to identify some ways to make your house cosier. Doing this should save you money in the long run, and will be a welcome addition to your lifestyle on the days that drop below zero degrees celsius. So read on and find out about four tips that could make all the difference to you and your home.

Replace your windows

You might not be aware of how much warm air escapes from your windows, or how much cold air seeps inside. This exchange can result in your home being much cooler than you would anticipate, even when you have the central heating on. For that reason, it can make sense to get your windows assessed and then replaced if necessary. So whether you are looking for a company who does double glazing in Leicester, London or Manchester, have a look online to get the process started.

Insulate your walls and roof

It isn’t just your windows that can be an issue; your walls and roof can also be responsible for the exchange of warm and cool air. This is generally the case when your house is not properly insulated, so it might be time to look into this further. There are companies who will be able to help you with your insulation needs, and will be able to assist you in selecting the best materials for the job. For example, some insulation materials can cause allergies, so a professional would be able to take this into account to ensure your ongoing health.

Buy draught excluders

When your budget doesn’t quite cover replacing windows and installing insulation, you could look at more inexpensive solutions such as using draught excluders. Some people might use an everyday household item such as a few pairs of socks or an old towel, but it is possible to buy purposely designed products too. The bigger offenders are often the front and back door, as well as any gaps near your windows. Using this item should help to reduce your energy bill by a small degree.

Draw your curtains

As the evening approaches, make sure to close your curtains. Not only does this make sense from the aspect of people not being able to see your TV and gadgets, but it will also benefit the warmth of your home. Thick curtains would work better, but you should still do this even with thin window coverings.

The lifetime of pre-finished steel roof or wall cladding can be determined by using a suitable coating material and applying it properly. A contractor who chooses the wrong kind of finish may damage the cladding product and increase its costs.
Most steel used in construction is already coated for corrosion resistance. This work is carried out before any finial finish and profiling. Any subsequent coatings may be divided into metal and organic finishes.

Metal finishes

Zinc is the most common coating for construction steel applications. It is suitable for light coatings and protects steel during storage, but it looks dull and is not used for exterior decoration. It will also deteriorate slowly in rainfall.

Coating Types for Pre-Finished Steel
Coating Types for Pre-Finished Steel

It’s time to let your wild side out as African influences are a hot interior trend for 2013. The exotic trend is one that can bring luxury and warmth to any home. With carefully selected accessories, animal skin imitations, and carved dark wood – creating an African themed room is not as difficult as you may imagine.
This stunning villa in Santuario de la Luz, Spain is an example in how sustainable living can be stylish, designer and luxurious. Its Belgian owners have spent the last twelve years transforming the building and the gardens into a private wonderland. They have maximised on the houses reclusive position in the heartland of the Natural Cork Forest, 2,5 km down a country track (after the beautiful Santuario de la Luz church), and created heavenly views from both indoors and outdoors. Massive scale garden landscaping has created an oasis in the garden and the use of natural and local materials has allowed nature to creep indoors. The result is a peaceful and wholesome home.

Heather Depuis and her family relocated to Brittany, in France, in 1999, where they set up home in a traditional longere (farmhouse). Heather oversaw the complete restoration of the property as well as its interior design. The use of vibrant colour was integral to her scheme and the look is strongly influenced by the colours and style seen in the houses of Provence.
Having a house that overlooks the lake is really something amazing and very comforting; that’s why the house should have a special design that allows you to see this amazing view from anywhere and any room. This is a live example of a house on the lake that has a modern design; the house is amazing and the view is really seen from anywhere. You can notice that glass doors and windows are used to let the amazing view be seen and to let natural sun light enter the place. The whole house is made of wood, and you can find an outdoor deck where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view. Modern furniture is used in the house making it simple but beautiful. A living set includes an L-shaped sofa, and a small table, and beside them at a corner you can see an arm chair with a foot rest where you can relax and read an interesting book, for example. Beside the sofa, there’s a small and simple dining set composed of a dining table and four chairs. This area also includes a small open kitchen. Everything is simple and chic. Even the bedroom is very simple, and you can see that the bathroom includes a beautiful bathtub and a wall mounted shower faucet where you can enjoy your time while overlooking the amazing view.

If you have a villa like this, then you are really lucky! Having the chance to enjoy an outdoor place like this is really something amazing, and watching the sunset is one of the most beautiful things that you can ever watch, and the color of the sky is enough to make you relax and relieve all your stresses. This is a fancy vacation villa in Indonesia; everything in this place is just beautiful. The villa overlooks the hillside that is totally covered with greenery and the terrace includes a long pool just above the hillside and chaise lounges are added to enjoy and relax. An outdoor dining set that is totally made of wicker is added, where the chairs are covered with cushions, and the table is covered with a round glass.
Fancy Vacation Villa, Indonesia
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