Having been born into a family of antique dealers, I’ve been surrounded by furniture all my life and have picked up a few tips here and there on choosing the perfect pieces for your home. Most of my childhood was spent scouring continental flea markets, dusty shops and old warehouses for the latest acquisitions. Here, I’ll show you some top tips for getting the best dining tables for your living or dining room.

Never be afraid to haggle

Don’t be scared to negotiate the price of a table you really want. The worst they can say is no. Smaller shops, or a sole trader, are more approachable to the practice than larger chains who might frown upon it. Talk to the manager or a senior member of a sales staff if you’re in a chain or department store and politely ask if they could take a few quid off. They may be able to do it at their discretion. You might be able to get a discount if you’re buying a dining table and set of chairs, too.

It’s always a little sad when your home has lost that ’new house’ feel! You still love it, but you don’t quite love it as much as you did at first. There may be some people who can afford to move house just to get that feeling back but that doesn’t apply to most of us and it’s an awful lot of hassle. These days, with a wide variety of home furniture available at a relatively low cost, it has never been easier to be your own interior designer; you can make your house look new again, with a few simple ideas.

Poke stool is the first furniture piece created by a typography designer, Kyuhyung Cho. The inspiration was to develop furniture for adults but keep a spirit of child like play in the form and function. The stool is simple, bold and playful.
The combination of four round legs and the eight holes in each seat create a stackable stool with a graphical approach. The stools poke one another to build up a stack, as the four legs pass through the holes of the other seat. The twist of each stool added creates a rhythm as the stack grows higher. The addition of the fourth stool establishes a new layer with a different tempo. The composition of different colours and variations to the rhythm lead us create our own structure, like a geometric sculpture.
The Poke is made in Finnish natural birch and oak. The stool is finished with a hard wearing lacquer to create a solid and smooth surface to make stacking and unstacking work effortlessly.

Design Studio IL HOON ROH will present the first module of the Ramus series M1 (“Ramus M1”) to the public for the first time at the Salone Satellite 2013. “Ramus”, which means “tree branch” in Latin, originated from an idea that was first introduced in D Light at the Salone Satellite in 2011. The Ramus M1 is an architectural sculpture piece which combines the strengths of carbon fibre together with the structural advantages that can be found in the branch of a tree, maximising its structural strength capacity.
Today when starting a business, the young entrepreneur faces the following trend: current estate market saturation, where the m² values costs unaffordable prices and finding a central location available is almost impossible. This, combined with the fact that at this early stage the cash flow for investment is small, ended up invalidating the beginning of many companies and makes a greater number of professionals to act as “freelancers”, working in improvised spaces and often not functional ones.
Karpenter designed a collection of repurposed teak wood furniture that has the presence of rustic and vintage style with a twist of modern appeal. The collection provides innovative storage solutions where chest and shelf units are all on wheels so you can easily move them around. These would make us feel a little better about the idea of spring cleaning, right?
Daybeds are popular and always are in demand as they are functional furniture which can function both as a sofa as well as a bed. It has storage space underneath like a drawer or it can hold an extra bed as a trundle option which can be pulled out. Especially as kids’ room furniture, daybeds are ideal – used as sofas in daytime and as beds at night time.
Daybeds look exactly like sofas or chaise loungers but with additional features which can be optional. When the home is small sized and no extra room is available as guest room, daybeds can become the handiest option to accommodate an overnight guest right in the living room or sometimes in the child’s room.
Daybeds can be made of metal, wood or wicker. They can be a combination of wood and metal – with metal frame for supporting and wood base over which the upholstery is fixed. Cane, bamboo frames or metal frames with wicker weaving for sides and seats and filled with foam and upholstered over with choice fabrics are another option you can often find.
The traditional daybeds are mostly metal based. Metal daybeds resemble beds more and wooden daybeds look more like sofas and chaise lounges. The vast range of styles in which metal beds are available makes your choice easier to find something to go with your particular home style.
Minimalist, contemporary styles are also plenty available to go with small apartments. Sleigh style daybeds, Victorian and Mission style daybed are also other choices. Low hung daybeds almost always are with underneath storage – which can be a trundle bed with castors and which can be a separate bed by itself. Sometimes a pop-up trundle can make the day bed into a double bed that can accommodated two adults easily.
Here you can see some beautiful and functional daybeds in colorful upholstery from the renowned Italian manufacturers Twils. You can see wide daybeds that are single bed size with storage option under – to pull out a trundle or a futon bed. With single side arm support or with double side arm support, these are with comfortable and deep mattresses upholstered very elegantly.
Look how compactly the pull-out trundles look completely hidden under the daybed but with castor options to be pulled out when an extra bed is needed. The extremely lively looking colorful upholstery and cushions make the room look bright and very beautiful.

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. The uniqueness of Bonsai tree is on its form, small and even dwarf. Choosing Bonsai tree as your special home accessories is great to lift a room scheme. Bonsai can create the air calm and class at any interior decoration tone. Poetic Home offers a wall decoration of Bonsai tree. It can be placed nicely using peculiar pots. a white room scheme will be more interesting by adding little greeny touch from your small Bonsai tree on the white wooden table.

PoornaJayasinghe inspires you with precious bonsai tree inside your bedroom suites furniture. Black pot combined with dark green color of Bonsai leaves is fully attracts people’s attention over a minimalist design. Red bonsai tree on your white kitchen set is visualized by Studio EOS. the great combination of red and white promote a glamor impression.
We’d love to share some multifunction furniture ideas that will help solving your space problem. There are lots of sofa and chair collection that also play role as book and magazine storage. The first design comes from Fishbol and is dubbed the Bookset. This modern furniture combines chairs and bookcase into one and is designed in simple shape. Made of Canadian birch plywood, the chair is complemented with a felt cushion in customizable colors. The chair is presented in perfect curve that look very comfortable.
Many people now are looking for the modern modular furniture design for their home interior decorating ideas. We presented some interesting ideas about contemporary minimalist lounge furniture named La Bande designed by Sarah Loygren. Beautiful design developed in comparison with Franzi Kohlhoff. This modern lounge furniture splits up into two independent sections at one end of the bande, whereas the longitudinal split and the elasticity of the material permits the two sections to bend separately to form space. Both the sections of the bande are hooked into a slot in the base that provides stability of the furniture to rest the users in utmost comfort. This minimalist furniture design that can be suite with any modern and luxury house interior decor. Here it is best sample modern modular lounge furniture design pictures gallery for our inspiration.

Whether it’s a side table or an end table, small tables are still very useful in the living room. Not only can they help you to complete your coffee table when you need more space but can also stand near the sofa to accommodate books and remote controls. We have selected for you 10 charming side table models that are both practical & elegant for your living room. To keep on simplicity while focusing on a minimalist design, choose a small table in white metal; Ideal for a couple of books or a drink. If you are looking for a very unique side table, you can choose a real log of wood. Rather heavy, it will move less easily than a table but will fit right in at the end of the sofa and will give your living room decoration a very distinguished look. To stay in the tones of wood but with a more practical design, you can choose this square table that can serve as both stool and table. Its wood look recalls the seaside decorating style which makes it very suitable for a living room design inspired by nature. For minimalist living rooms, the focus is on very sleek side table designs with sharp lines and geometric shapes; it can be as simple as possible, however, it can also have an ultra-modern shape. Minimalist side table designs are usually made of metal in different finishes including lacquered and matt. If you like to add very original furniture to your interior, there are now many innovative side table forms; the model with curved metal legs in tangy colors looks so unique. Your side table can also take the form of an original stool that will look like a sculpture in your interior; smaller than a traditional table, it will be easier to move. Know that the metal does not adapt to the industrial style only; a side table in very bright metal will match with a feminine living room style. Finally, so that your end table is both up-to-date and practical, you can opt for a hi-tech side table design with integrated LED lighting that will illuminate your living room while providing a space for some decorative accessories.
The way we work has evolved. Work is less formal and collaboration is inherently social. Many workspaces have adapted throughout the years but the conference room has largely remained unchanged for decades.  This became the focus of our project for Coalesse.
Mah Jong modular sofa by the french company Roche Bobois. I love the different colors and patterns. Go boho!
Sectional sofas can be the best choice for your living room. Their multiple pieces allow you the flexibility to push them together as one unit or to break them up to create multiple living room looks. Take a look at this collection of 10 awesome sectional sofas that inspire you!
Sofa and Sectional by Giovanni Erba. European Furniture Modern Living Room Contemporary Sectionals IQ Matics Discover Giovanni Erba high-end designer line of furniture from Italy. Spazio sofa with adjustable back cushion. Ultimate experience for luxe house or condo.
Collection of midular units that can be combined as required, with three types of pouf that can further personalise each configuration; the feather filling makes it particularly soft and the wide choice of removable covers in fabric or leather  "dress" it with elegance.
NEW YORK Sofa Design by Vittorio Prevedello. A system of modular units with removable fabric cover or in leather. Armrests and tops can be placed in various positions.
Nuvola units can be freely combined to create different and personalised combinations, always providing maximum comfort. The outstanding feature of Nuvola is the way in which its personality can be determined through the wide choice of covering in cotton, in chenille and in linen mix of elegant and trendy shades. Leather covering is also available. In the fabric version, the cover is fully removable.
My Beautiful Backside Sofa by Moroso. After their presentation of the Charpoy collection and their immediate ascent to international star status, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien continue their partnership with Moroso in the shape of two new products, My Beautiful Backside and Princess. Like Charpoy, these display a fusion of two worlds, India and Europe.
In autumn, nothing beats a tea break to warm up between lunch and dinner; it is the best way to enjoy a convivial & sweet moment in a warm interior atmosphere. As for decoration, the tea-time table takes many different looks, always around a delicate, classic style. Here are many inspirational decorative ideas for an elegant tea-time table that will improve your mood during the fall & winter. Because the origin of the tea-time came from England, the tea-time table is usually inspired by the chic British style; elegant napkins arranged on each cup, sweet delicacies arranged on a tray top delicately wearing a glass bell, and flowers and candles in chic, classic holders complete the charming look. The country style is also a very good choice to decorate your tea-time table; for this, focus on white crockery adorned with checkered motifs and farm animal patterns.
To create a charming style for your tea-time table, it is not necessary to get very expensive accessories. If you have a simple white tea set, don’t hesitate to use it; arrange it in an elegant way and use colorful sweets to accessorize it. Actually, a simple white tea set is easier to accessorize in many different styles; according to the tablecloth or the napkin motifs, your tea set will take a special character and you can change the look every time from a very classic to a very modern one. For example, a simple wicker basket can be enough to reveal the softness of a porcelain white tea set while adding a nice natural spirit. If you like to add a contemporary touch to your tea-time table, opt for a tea set in modern lines without any classic details; simple cup & plate designs in a contemporary color like grey, for example, and complete the look with a stylish tablecloth. For an original look, choose a tea set wrapped in tricot! Your tea-time table will look so trendy, yet delicate and charming.
Minimal baroque living room furniture design by the italian firm Modenese Gastone. Modenese Gastone Exclusive Design goes beyond classic furniture tradition and revisits it to realize design from classics. Solid wood furniture have now modern colors and new finishes, designed to dress the living room. Exclusive Design is a brand which stands for high quality, accurate research and style.
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