It’s always a little sad when your home has lost that ’new house’ feel! You still love it, but you don’t quite love it as much as you did at first. There may be some people who can afford to move house just to get that feeling back but that doesn’t apply to most of us and it’s an awful lot of hassle. These days, with a wide variety of home furniture available at a relatively low cost, it has never been easier to be your own interior designer; you can make your house look new again, with a few simple ideas.

Poke stool is the first furniture piece created by a typography designer, Kyuhyung Cho. The inspiration was to develop furniture for adults but keep a spirit of child like play in the form and function. The stool is simple, bold and playful.
The combination of four round legs and the eight holes in each seat create a stackable stool with a graphical approach. The stools poke one another to build up a stack, as the four legs pass through the holes of the other seat. The twist of each stool added creates a rhythm as the stack grows higher. The addition of the fourth stool establishes a new layer with a different tempo. The composition of different colours and variations to the rhythm lead us create our own structure, like a geometric sculpture.
The Poke is made in Finnish natural birch and oak. The stool is finished with a hard wearing lacquer to create a solid and smooth surface to make stacking and unstacking work effortlessly.

Aspires to spend romantic and comfortable time with your lover, and you did not like to get out, I suggest to you an ergonomic design and stylish furniture in the garden. Where it is ideal in the garden, decorates and you can used to take your sunbathe, or even to sleep in the garden. There are also a hand woven or An adjustable plastic wicker to protect you from the sun or even wind also create an intimate atmosphere for an evening of romantic. Every model are available in several sizes as for one, two or three persons, and curved leg with holder which you can put the drink, plate or magazine to feel more comfort to your relaxing. This outdoor furniture is made of wood, bamboo and covers with a wide selection of finishes and textile.

Design Studio IL HOON ROH will present the first module of the Ramus series M1 (“Ramus M1”) to the public for the first time at the Salone Satellite 2013. “Ramus”, which means “tree branch” in Latin, originated from an idea that was first introduced in D Light at the Salone Satellite in 2011. The Ramus M1 is an architectural sculpture piece which combines the strengths of carbon fibre together with the structural advantages that can be found in the branch of a tree, maximising its structural strength capacity.
“Ro” means tranquility in Danish. The name was chosen because it captures the point of the chair in just two letters, thus reflecting the Nordic approach and concept of beauty.
Ro is made with great craftsmanship and in the highest sustainable quality. Combined with the sculptural and elegant design, the result is a functional and aesthetic chair that fascinates its surroundings. One seems to fall in love with it. Ro does not compromise on either comfort or aesthetics.
Today when starting a business, the young entrepreneur faces the following trend: current estate market saturation, where the m² values costs unaffordable prices and finding a central location available is almost impossible. This, combined with the fact that at this early stage the cash flow for investment is small, ended up invalidating the beginning of many companies and makes a greater number of professionals to act as “freelancers”, working in improvised spaces and often not functional ones.
The turning and sanding of wood, produces an enormous amount of waste material which nobody uses further. This material wastage of such a natural and valuable material like wood draw our attention to solve this problem.

A collection of plywood furniture designed in 2012, which includes a work desk, a coffee table, a side table and movable container.

If you are seeking chic sophisticated glamour in your bathroom and would like to enjoy decent bathing and showering experience, silk finish taps with modern design can be the right choice. The smooth sheen finish on this tap offers mesmerizing effect in any bathroom.  These fascinating taps set luxury on a new standard. Sleek, Contemporary and Avant-Grade, these taps are designed to delight. One Can Add a bit of sparkle to their bathroom with these magical and innovative taps.
Karpenter designed a collection of repurposed teak wood furniture that has the presence of rustic and vintage style with a twist of modern appeal. The collection provides innovative storage solutions where chest and shelf units are all on wheels so you can easily move them around. These would make us feel a little better about the idea of spring cleaning, right?
Daybeds are popular and always are in demand as they are functional furniture which can function both as a sofa as well as a bed. It has storage space underneath like a drawer or it can hold an extra bed as a trundle option which can be pulled out. Especially as kids’ room furniture, daybeds are ideal – used as sofas in daytime and as beds at night time.
Daybeds look exactly like sofas or chaise loungers but with additional features which can be optional. When the home is small sized and no extra room is available as guest room, daybeds can become the handiest option to accommodate an overnight guest right in the living room or sometimes in the child’s room.
Daybeds can be made of metal, wood or wicker. They can be a combination of wood and metal – with metal frame for supporting and wood base over which the upholstery is fixed. Cane, bamboo frames or metal frames with wicker weaving for sides and seats and filled with foam and upholstered over with choice fabrics are another option you can often find.
The traditional daybeds are mostly metal based. Metal daybeds resemble beds more and wooden daybeds look more like sofas and chaise lounges. The vast range of styles in which metal beds are available makes your choice easier to find something to go with your particular home style.
Minimalist, contemporary styles are also plenty available to go with small apartments. Sleigh style daybeds, Victorian and Mission style daybed are also other choices. Low hung daybeds almost always are with underneath storage – which can be a trundle bed with castors and which can be a separate bed by itself. Sometimes a pop-up trundle can make the day bed into a double bed that can accommodated two adults easily.
Here you can see some beautiful and functional daybeds in colorful upholstery from the renowned Italian manufacturers Twils. You can see wide daybeds that are single bed size with storage option under – to pull out a trundle or a futon bed. With single side arm support or with double side arm support, these are with comfortable and deep mattresses upholstered very elegantly.
Look how compactly the pull-out trundles look completely hidden under the daybed but with castor options to be pulled out when an extra bed is needed. The extremely lively looking colorful upholstery and cushions make the room look bright and very beautiful.

There are many good furniture designs, a lot of different materials that compose a beautiful desk. Some of them save space in the room because a designer created a functional design that would not only deal with your problem of having too little room for a desk but also look incredible in that small space. Some of the desks are suited only for large rooms that accentuate their gorgeous shape. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small, one-man workstation to a large, conferential table. It all depends on your taste and needs.

Today Japan is known for its minimalism and simplicity because of their Zen culture. But how to make a Zen-home in a girlish style? How to combine calmness and little sweet details? Here is a nice example how to do it. The interior is done in a truly Japanese way: with cherry blossoms, traditional colors, natural wood and simple shapes, nothing bizarre. Despite of it, there are many nice girlish details like pastel colors, beautiful accessories and lots of flowers everywhere. I love the decoration of the wall with hooks. It looks natural and is very functional – you can place shelves or hang some things on them. This interior is an amazing example of exquisite and functional combination of styles.

Love this gorgeous Stockholm home on the Swedish Fantastic Frankproperty site — unsurprisingly it's sold, but happily we can still admire these lovely photos.

A stylish bohemian Finnish home, atmospherically photographed. So pretty. More here from Divaani magazine.

This idyllic house in Cadaqués, a pretty town on the Costa Brava with stunning views of the sea, is the summer retreat of Yves and Marie, who each year leave their busy lives in Toulouse, France, and spend their time here in rustic simplicity and peaceful contemplation of the spectacular scenery. Their home, designed by the Catalan architect José Luis Aloso Eijo, is essentially two large glassed in white cubes — one for the children's and guest rooms, the other the living room and master bedroom. A patio joins the two spaces, and the use of simple natural materials and clever sliding walls keeps things airy and relaxed. Beautiful and magical.

Overlooking the polo fields of Sotogrande, this Cadiz home was originally built in the 1980s as a guest house for polo players from around the world, thanks to Sotogrande being the only place in Europe with an annual polo season. Now privately owned, it's a weekend and vacation home for a professional traveler, who loves to entertain in a pretty light-filled space decorated with furniture, decorative objects and textiles collected from all over the globe. 
Fifteen years ago Gunilla and Sven Montan came across an almost ruined farm in western Ljungby, in Skåne, Sweden. Despite the need for serious renovation — the outside was mostly covered in sheet metal, the windows needed replacing and the only thing that worked was one small toilet — they fell for its potential and decided to take it on anyway, as there was also beautiful old floors, hand-planed boards in the walls and ceiling and a 1920s Aga, too. And there was the beautiful cobblestone courtyard, as well.

Located in the province of Limburg, north-east of Belgium, this Flemish farmhouse of brick and wood nestles happily in its surrounding fields. Gently restored, its traditional architecture has been retained as much as possible — the original brick walls add texture to the inside spaces, while furniture in soft neutrals keep the mood quiet and serene. The atmosphere of contentment extends outside, too, with donkeys and sheep grazing peacefully as chickens roam freely around them. 
With an airy apartment located right above her store Fenton & Fenton, Lucy Fenton can happily switch her shop offerings with her personal possessions, editing at will. The results definitely make me want to visit her store — love her cheerful mix of vintage and colour.