Whether we live in own home or a rental, we always wants the architecture and the interior of that home beautiful and sober. No doubt it is not arduous to plan interiors in a unique way. However, the difficulties arise when you have small apartments or a limited space for living. Space is really an issue but along with that how you setup your furniture and other belongings in that small space is a bigger issue than that. Furniture assets are highly personalized things in any house. In this article we will discuss some inexpensive interior design Dubai ideas for small apartments.

Place right furniture on right place

You can easily attain a simple and elegant look for you apartment simply by placing the right furniture at the right corner of a room. Always buy good quality furniture that compliments you interior. It is a good to leave spaces for easy movement in the room. Small scale sofas, chairs and tables are enough for small apartments. Choose table with drawers at the front of the sofa.

Accessories for interior designing

Many companies are offering interior designing services and accessories in Dubai. Curtains, lamps, rugs, lamps etc are essential items that can emphasize your design theme. The accessories are those things which highlight your own personality and enhance the overall décor of your room. For more elegant look, choose each accessory of the room that matches with other objects.

Color of the room

Color is a vital factor in any house interior designing. The coloring theme of the room makes or breaks the entire look of the room. Even colors can also affect your emotions and mood when you are at home. Currently, dark colors are in high demand and make the space look smaller. Soft color shades are considered as most inviting and soothing coloring choice. Obviously, you can choose any shade for your walls, furniture items and furnishings, but preferably go for some cool color options to make your room look more spacious.

Decorating styles

Dubai is a country in which all decorating styles are adopted by people from Spain to Northern Africa interior decorating styles. You can choose any theme, style relies on a combination of colors and furniture. You can also use exotic plants as a part of the home décor. Traditional lighting style is also good interior design for those who love the traditional style decoration.

Some tips for interior designing

• It is a subject art. You just need to pay an attention on your likes and dislikes so that you can express your best and elegant style.
• It is good to stick on a particular theme.
• Remember, interior designing is not always about the concept of styling, but it also requires some functionality.

All the above-mentioned content is very easy to understand for everyone. One can easily gather ideas about best interior decorating for their home.

Claudia is a long term author and having years of experience in this field of home décor Dubai. She has been creating wonderful, practical rooms for residential and commercial customers.
I love the brown in these types of rooms! I think it's like the little bit of yummy sugar in the tea. If you want to minimize brown in your home, what about using rustic woods (woods that are so worn they are almost bluish-gray) as a compromise? That would get you closer to graphite, I had a very hard time picking out just a few of the photos, but I hope you enjoy the massive picture bomb!
It sure adds a lot of warmth to the interiors, and that is always nice in the colder months.
Born in France and raised in London, stylist Marietta Beasley's current loft in Atlanta, Georgia blends European style with New York '70s art colony cool — when she acquired her space 15 years ago she was the first person to get a certificate of occupancy in the downtown area. Now it's both home and studio, with an every changing collection of inspirating pieces from all over the world.

A stylish bohemian Finnish home, atmospherically photographed. So pretty. More here from Divaani magazine.

This idyllic house in Cadaqués, a pretty town on the Costa Brava with stunning views of the sea, is the summer retreat of Yves and Marie, who each year leave their busy lives in Toulouse, France, and spend their time here in rustic simplicity and peaceful contemplation of the spectacular scenery. Their home, designed by the Catalan architect José Luis Aloso Eijo, is essentially two large glassed in white cubes — one for the children's and guest rooms, the other the living room and master bedroom. A patio joins the two spaces, and the use of simple natural materials and clever sliding walls keeps things airy and relaxed. Beautiful and magical.

Love this apartment on the Swedish real estate site Bolaget Fastighetsfömedling — pretty and sunny natured.
Dilapidated and left empty for several years before its purchase, this late 1800's rectory in Höganäs, Sweden, is now the beautiful home of Isabel and Peter Lundahl and their two children. Instantly drawn by what she describes as the 'harmonious peace' she felt when viewing it for the first time, Isabel knew it was the right place for them despite its shabby state. With its original architecture sensitively restored and surrounded by a lovely garden, this lovely home is a tranquil space to live and create. 

Did you happen to catch est magazine's piece about Les Interieurs, Sydney-based designer Pamela Makin's new design studio and concept store? Just gorgeous and had to share.

Interior designer, blogger, stylist and owner of the online store Moltaz Design, Henrick Eriksson has applied his design philosophy to his lovely summer home, a cottage dating from 1780. When he purchased it, its charming rough log walls and old oak floors were — unbelievably — hidden behind plastic wallpaper and cork tiles respectively. Henrick also tackled low ceilings, lack of insulation and removed the gypsum plaster from the walls, taking them back to their original condition. Renovating the house bit by bit made it manageable within his busy work schedule — and the resulting style of the cottage is described by Henrick as 'New England with industrial touches'. As he works with colour all day, Henrick deliberately chose a restful and neutral palette for his own space, concentrating on textures, form and materials to keep it lively and interesting.

Love the warm, industrial modern look of J. Crew menswear director Frank Muytjens's upstate New York weekend home — and the fact that he has no internet or other technological distractions while he's there, too. Smart man.

Located in the upper-floor of a prewar brick building on one of Brooklyn’s leafy avenues, the elegantly minimalist apartment of the Mandayam–Vohra family is a serene space with interesting notes of brass and wood — relaxed and lovely. 
The apartment of interior designer Sylvie Blanchet is located on the ground floor of a 1930s building in the chic 7th arrondissement of Paris. Completely redesigned by Sylvie, the formerly poky rooms were opened up and more storage was discreetly added, with beautiful results. Decorated with an eclectic mix of vintage and new, all in elegant white, ecru and grey tones, this free flowing space focuses on the stunning views of the dome of the Invalides. Classic elegant French style, with a dash of the unexpected.
Benjamin Moore tintable chalkboard paint comes in more than 3,300 hues. Images courtesy of Benjamin Moore.
Benjamin Moore tintable chalkboard paint comes in more than 3,300 hues. Images courtesy of Benjamin Moore.
Maybe some people are over chalkboard paint, but I’m not one of them. I’ve wanted it somewhere in my home ever since the day I spotted it covering the side of a neighbor’s ugly old fridge. He was a musician posessing a far more interesting (and unpredictable) social life than I, and instead of a yellowing pebbled surface, the black painted side of the fridge became a spot for jotting down cocktail recipes, played drunken hangman or working out song lyrics. While the matte black surface wasn’t stunning, it was social and functional.

 The other day I was walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood and noticed the window display of a shoe shop. There aren't that many small shops that go all out for windows that I've come across here, so this shoe shop caught my eye with giant poufs in ice cream colors- so fanciful I thought they'd be cute in my little girl's room. Well, randomly I happened upon a site today, Supermarket Sarah (you must see her site if you haven't already) which featured the creator of that very window display, a set designer named Cordelia Weston. I know everyone may be tired of seeing tissue paper pom poms hanging around in blog decor, but these were really different, and quite beautiful- more like ballet costumes than paper poms. I'm inspired to try to make some. (photos from Cordelia Weston's blog)

Inspiration from the land of dragons and emperors! Today we are featuring some living room designs from Pinchen Design, a Chinese based designer whose rooms exude comfort and luxury. Using texture, pattern and colour the rooms have been designed with real application in mind.It might be hard to pick a favourite!

Of late I came across so many attractive living rooms that use the red and white combination that I thought it was time to put in a post. Color-wise, White is subtle and Red is intense. Togethor these two colors seem to work really well. Not all the rooms that we feature today will use the two colors in the same manner or proportion. Each room solves the balance problem in its own unique way. For example in some living rooms, the color red is sparingly used as an accent while in others it dominates. Whatever be the ratio of usage, we can tell you one thing: some people have put very careful thought in designing these red and white living rooms!

Bringing you more sparkling gems of modern home design from Polish firm Katarzyna Kraszewska Architectura, we offer you this selection of chic schemes to kit out every room in your house with cutting edge contemporary style.

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