Bathrooms are tiny places in the house. Even the most spacious bathrooms are kind of congested because there is a lot going on. Usually, there is a tub, vanity, toilet, and shower. In short, a bathroom is serving multiple purposes and there is never going to be enough space.

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? Are you considering a complete bathroom renovation? Then make sure to have a read of this.
As a homeowner, you could be facing hard water deposits problem. Apart from being embarrassing, they are disgusting and unsightly. Plumbing fixtures while new or if well taken care of are beautiful and striking, but deposits of hard water can make them something to hide from your friends and visitors. However, this does not have to be the case, especially if you have a professional plumber nearby. There are many things you need to understand about hard water deposits.  

The deposits

If you leave hard water unattended, chances are brown rings or spots or chalky white deposits will begin showing on your plumbing fixtures across the house. These deposits appear at outdoor and indoor spigots, supply lines, faucets and any place you might be using water. While this is something a plumber can deal with easily, it is not an emergency, but you do not have to take long to deal with the problem. Waiting too long can make repairs expensive, especially if there is a fixture to be changed. You can also deal with this embarrassing problem if you know how. The water contains a lot of dissolved minerals in high concentrations, mostly lime, calcium and magnesium that build up in pipes and fixtures wherever there is water. Water does not have to flow for these deposits to be formed.

How to clean these deposits

Apart from letting a plumber help you to clean all the hard water deposits, there are a number of things you can do. Grease is always a wonderful choice to use or any other common abrasive. There are also cleaners available such as steel wool, baking soda and cleaning pads you can use. Simply wet the cleaning pad with the right abrasive and get down to work.

Another solution you can use is either lemon juice or white vinegar and water solution in the ration of 1:1. The solution is then applied to the deposits of hard water and left to remain on the problem areas for a quarter of an hour before scouring using a scrubbing pad or soft bristle brush. After rinsing with clean water, you can repeat the process for better results.

Apart from homemade solutions, buy a commercial product specifically for the removal of hard water deposits or stains. Do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines so that the cleaner does not destroy the surface areas and faucets. Protective goggles and gloves might also come in handy in such a cleaning process.  

Minimizing their occurrence

No matter how animated and dedicated you are in cleaning hard water deposits, these stains will always turn up, but you can lower the risk of recurrence. Do this by cleaning surfaces occasionally and using a squeegee in cases where the deposits of hard water are all over glass shower doors and tile walls. It is also important to think about the advantages of a water softening system for the whole house.

If the spigots and water faucets are not in use, they should be shut off. A dripping faucet can bring these deposits faster that you expect. If your home has a lot of traffic, you might want to sensitize every family member about the dangers of leaving behind a dripping tap.

This article is written by Tracy, who is a homemaker and lives in Arizona. She recently had a leakage problem and had to call First Plumbing  a  Mesa, AZ plumbers that offers all kind of plumbing services in and around Arizona.
If you are seeking chic sophisticated glamour in your bathroom and would like to enjoy decent bathing and showering experience, silk finish taps with modern design can be the right choice. The smooth sheen finish on this tap offers mesmerizing effect in any bathroom.  These fascinating taps set luxury on a new standard. Sleek, Contemporary and Avant-Grade, these taps are designed to delight. One Can Add a bit of sparkle to their bathroom with these magical and innovative taps.
A wall-mounted sink can add style to any kitchen or bathroom space. Today I would like to present you a new series of wall mounted sinks and cabinets. These pieces have a beautiful curved design that maximizes space by mounting sink/cabinet combinations directly to the wall, freeing up floor space and helping to create some visual space.

wall mounted bath taps
wall mounted bath taps
Photos via Sonia and wall mounted bath taps
With the wide choice available of extremely simple but elegant looking vanities to most elaborate and expensive vanities, your bathroom can best benefit from a vanity with storage space. With homes becoming smaller, bathrooms need to be planned and designed better with enough storage space right within the bathroom and leave less visible clutter.
Vanities ought to be right near the entrance – and well away from the shower-bathtub area. You do not want wet flooring all around the vanity or getting the steam and condensation permanently on the vanity mirror or shelf making them look old and worn out. When buying vanity check out for waterproof features and good quality mirrors.
Depending on the size of the bathroom, you will have to plan for your vanity. Traditionally designed big bathrooms can take large double countered vanities with ornamentally done mirror work. But mini bathrooms look best with simple designs and smaller sizes that will not look out of place but yet provide all the comforts and conveniences.
What color you will love in your bathroom? Small bathrooms look best with pastel walls and you can bring a color splash with bright looking vanities and the underneath cabinets. You can have simple frames for the mirrors so that the spacious look is emphasized. But add color with the counters and cabinets underneath or above it.
You can still love to have traditional white basins. Today the basins are built into the wooden cabinets that come underneath it and it looks compact. Depending on the size available, you can add cabinets above it or to the side of the vanity as medicine and cosmetics cabinet. You can create a contrast by choosing a dark shade finish for these cabinets.
Here you can see lovely looking vanities from Birex, an Italian company renowned for creating lovely looking bathroom designs, fittings and accessories. Look at the bright looking twin vanities in two lovely shades of yellow and violet with matching mirrors! How gorgeous the turquoise blue vanity and side shelves look – creating a lovely contrast to the all white décor bathroom!
These vanities are placed most opportunely near the windows and so get enough natural light during the day. All these vanities are floating and not pedestal based. They take less floor space and create a well planned and an organized look to the bathrooms so you feel energized and refreshed after using these pretty-looking bathroom vanities.

Designing your bathroom in an orange color theme isn’t that hard as designing in a red theme but it could be challenging too. You should remember about that you shouldn’t combine more than two colors with orange. You should keep orange bathroom simple. The best idea is to simply combine orange with plain white. You can paint walls and ceiling in your bathroom in white but buy some orange furniture, an orange rug, an orange shower curtain and some other elements of decor in this color. That’s probably the most simple way but there are some others. That’s why we’ve gathered for you these cool bathrooms. You can find some ideas among them.

Green plants and flowers make any space alive, fresh and inviting. Plants in bathrooms are rare, it’s usually not the space for growing anything due to often lack of space, natural light and excessive humidity. But if everything is well organized and the plants chosen are not too capricious, the bathroom will attract by its greenery. Flowers such as orchids look amazing somewhere near the sinks, an amazing ideas is air plants – they are cool for any bathroom space and don’t require much attention. Green plants enliven any space, especially a white one, but you may also add green touches to the interior to highlight the greenery. Right zen design, stones and plants will make your bathroom look like a SPA, look for more ideas below!

If you got bored of your bathroom, and really want to make some changes in it but you have a low budget, then check these cheap bathroom makeover ideas that help you make simple changes that are really noticeable. Painting the walls a new color is really one of the smart ideas that are not expensive but will make a massive change in the whole ambiance of the bathroom. Changing the lights also makes a huge change, like replacing your old lighting fixtures with new ones, and you can also add some new light spots, for example, for a new style. Getting some new bathroom accessories is great, and reflects the feeling of having brand-new stuff. In addition, you can add some baskets or shelves to get more storage places and make a difference in the way your bathroom looks. Each one of these ideas is really simple and cheap, but when done, they really make a noticeable change in the look of the bathroom.

Delpha brings a collection of ultra stylish bathroom interiors for you. The designs are inspired by nature, pop culture, baroque and urban interiors.

Each bath area runs on a central theme where the fixtures and accessories are thoughtfully arranged. Most of the designs sport brightly coloured walls with rich use of textures. Some walls have mosaic tiles which are like jewels studded in a luxurious haven of purity. Going by the images, it looks as though this Delpha collection is targeting the luxury end of the market meant for people willing to pay the extra dollar.

Browse through for more inspiration.

 Let’s come with me to Barcelona, Spain, today and take a peek into this beautiful home. The neutral toned color scheme and the high ceilings and windows give this apartment an airy and spacious look. The clean lined place is decorated with modern furniture but the wooden accessories and several rugs give warmth to the various rooms.
Villa 803 is a luxury contemporary vacation home located in Caló den Real on the west coast of Ibiza island, Spain.
From the terrace, the property offers beautiful views over the sea, the islands Bledas and S’Espartas and fantastic sunsets.
With its five ensuite bedrooms, the villa accomodates up to ten guests and can be booked from early May to the end of September, from €2,233 to €2,590 per night, with a minimum stay of 7 nights.

Spanish interior design studio Cuartopensante has recently completed the Doble Dueto Apartment project in Albaida, a town in the Valencian Community of Spain.
The architects have designed the interior of this 1,400 square foot apartment with extensive use of HI-MACS®, a new generation of natural acryl stone.

 These youth bedrooms are bedroom for teens, shown in various colors and styles of decoration. Almost always the rooms or dormitories for girls and boys have details they like, especially the choice of color is very important and often defines personality. The teens bedrooms highlight almost always carry cool colors and clear giving a sense of joy to the environment.

Inspired by the very nature of water in motion, Fl’eau bath designed by Joel Roberts has evolved from a single surface corian body celebrating the beauty of fluidity. This bath is another great creation by Joel Roberts following the already popular Eaux Eaux sink.
Fl’eau is a freestanding bath that has embodied the notion of an overflowing bath to create stability to an otherwise rounded and unstable tub, one that is symmetrical and viably accessible from either side.
Fl’eau’s allure derives from its feminine curvature and twisted, flowing lines, creating a comfortable and practical bath that would act as a centrepiece in any home.
The Eaux Eaux sink is Joel Roberts take on the oceanic wave. The simple form, in one fluid motion, integrates the spout into the basin. It’s like the flow and ebbing of the waves in a synchronized dance. The base is secured into a recessed counter top while the stainless steel body is glam-ed up with a blush of paint. The overall effect is perfect and yes….I want one for mi casa.

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