Three Post-Winter Renovations You Need To Plan For Your Toronto Home

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Canadian winters can be particularly hard on a property, especially if you haven’t fully winterized your house in preparation for a long and brutal season. Now is the time to start planning the fixes, mends and replacements that your property will need once the snow melts.

It’s always good to give yourself time to make a proper plan, instead of jumping in and trying to figure out what to do on the fly. This lesson is especially true when it comes to spending money and time on home improvements — planning spring renovations in the winter will give you time to research your options, make a budget and organize your task-list. The winter season will also give you some perspective on practical fixes that need to be made, particularly ones that relate to protection from the outdoor elements.

1. Replacement Windows

One of the most important and most effective tips for maintaining your home is making sure your windows are working properly—you need to check if they are letting drafts or moisture leaks inside of the house. If the windows let in drafts or leak moisture, they should be replaced with high-quality energy-efficient windows as soon as possible. Remember that you should get your energy-efficient windows professionally installed because a shoddy installation with a bad seal will lead to more air and moisture leaks. Get your replacements from a local company with years of experience like Casa Bella Windows & Doors, which will provide the windows and theinstallation services you need.

2. Roof Repairs

The winter weather can do quite a bit of wear and tear on the roof of your home—wind, hail, snow and cold temperatures can damage your shingles. You will want to book this home repair in the spring because roofing companies tend to be busier during the summer months. Your gutters can also be damaged throughout the winter and might need to be reattached, repaired or replaced. If you feel your gutters don’t need any repairs, you will still need to give them a thorough clean because they will be full of grime and debris like twigs and leaves.

3. Yard Damages

If you have large trees, you will need to assess any winter destruction to the branches and debate whether some of the weaker branches should be removed. This is an important precaution that can end up saving you a lot of money in possible damages, and could greatly improve the safety of your home. You will also need to plan some landscaping and general lawn care for your front and backyard if you have grass — you will need to get rid of dead turf, reseed and deal with common annoyances like weeds.

The winter weather can cause problems like cold drafts indoors, broken shingles and weather-damaged lawns. If you start planning for these renovations this winter, you will be able to tackle them the minute the snow melts and finish them as soon as possible.


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