Is Your Bathroom Up To Scratch On Safety?

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None of us expects to suffer an injury in our homes. In fact, it is often the last place we think we will get hurt - after all, how many hazards can there BE in the average house? Well, quite a lot actually, and certain rooms are more dangerous than others. A surprising amount of trips to the emergency room are caused by people injure themselves in the home, and the bathroom is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to this. Slips, trips and falls can all happen pretty easily in a room that involves so much water - so what can you do to create a bathroom that looks good, but that also won't pose a threat to you or your family?

Have an enclosed shower

Is your current shower positioned above your bathtub? Climbing in and out of the bath to access the shower is a common scenario in which many people find themselves slipping over. After all, it only requires you to catch your foot as you go in to cause you to lose your balance and end up on the floor. A stand-up shower where you can simply step in and out is a much safer option, and thankfully there is a stunning range of shower enclosures for you to choose from. Plus, regarding space, these can often be far more practical than a shower over the bath. Think about whether you even really use your bath, or if it is just there for effect? That's quite a lot of room for it to be taking up just for show - so consider taking the whole thing out for a single shower unit.

Ditch the rugs

We all know that it can be quite nice to step out of your shower onto a nice fluffy bath mat. But in reality, these fabric mats are one of the most common causes of bathroom injuries in the world, as once they are damp, they can easily slide around. Instead, why not make use of all the other materials you can buy floor mats in? Raised wooden ones are very popular at the moment, and cork is another common option that people are using. If you really can't bear to ditch your fluffy mats, secure them with tack or double tape them to the floor.

Air flow and lighting

Part of the reason your bathroom gets so humid and slippy is that the condensation created by the hot water has nowhere to go. Always make sure you open your window after having a shower to air the place out and encourage your family to do the same. Also, your bathroom should contain an extractor fan to keep the air circulating - make sure you pick a quiet one, so you are more likely to use it! Lighting is also integral to your bathroom safety, as if it is too dark in there you may not necessarily notice that puddle of water on the floor. Make sure your ceiling lamp is powerful enough to light the whole room or install spotlights in various locations so that every inch of your bathroom is lit.


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