Great Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

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With summer fast approaching there couldn’t be a better time to start preparing your garden. While it may have been covered up over the cooler months, when summer arrives you’ll want to be out there enjoying it, relaxing, entertaining, playing with the kids, or working. Here are some great ways you can make sure your garden is ready in time for the summer.


The first step is to give the whole area a good tidy so you can easily access what needs to be done. Start at the back and work towards your house. Remove any rubbish or dead plants, put everything back in its home, and get everything nice and tidy. Then, take a good look and see what you want to change.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is often essential after the wet winter months. Even if the furniture has been covered, wet, cold weather can lead to the growth of mould and lichen, which not only looks unsightly but can also carry harmful bacteria. Consider hiring a jet washer to clean things like walls, fence panels, patios and furniture so you can get into any small cracks and holes.

Repair and Replace

Now things are clean and tidy, you’ll know if anything needs replacing. Test your barbeque if you have one to make sure it’s in working order and good condition. Look at your fence panels. Fencing often gets damaged in winter winds, but fencing supplies are easy to find if necessary. Next, make sure your furniture is still sturdy and safe. In most cases, you’ll be able to tighten some screws, clean or wash covers and polish metal to get these back to their best. Finally, paint and protect any furniture and woodwork that needs it to keep it in great condition for a lot longer.

Treat Your Lawn

The grass is another thing that suffers over the harsh winter, especially if it’s been particularly wet. Start feeding it as soon as you can. Once a week is generally enough. But, if it’s in particularly bad condition, or you need it at its best sooner, a more intensive treatment plan might be needed. Once it’s on its way to recovery give your lawn a good mow and trim your edges. Consider making changes to the shape or extending your flower beds to make some simple changes to the design of your garden. 


Now you are ready to plant. First, look at what you’ve got. Trim and feed where needed. You’ll probably find most of your plants have survived the cold and will flower again this year. Next, make any additions you want. Bright colours look great in summer but do attract bees, so consider avoiding if you have children. Plants with a gentle aroma often make a welcome addition, as do those that take less care and can withstand child’s play.

Remember that your garden, just like any room in your house, should reflect your personality. Use colours you like and arrange accessories in a way that matches your indoor decor. Your garden is a place for you to relax and enjoy so take your time to get it just right.


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