The Latest Trends in Home Accessories

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This years must have homewares range from the uber-practical, to the intricate and ornamental. Whilst accessories are a great way to add some personality and flair to a room, it helps if they're useful too! We scoured the interior design trends of 2017 to bring you some of the best accessories out there. All of which are aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.


This year, it’s all about taking everyday objects and making them beautiful. Gone are the days of a white clock face with austere black hands. Update your clock with something more striking. Geometric designs are a great way to make a statement in a living room. Alternatively, opt for a more sculptural design and you won’t be limited to a spherical design.


Teapots are another everyday object that takes center stage in most homes. Like a clock, a teapot is thoroughly functional- but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too! Teapots normally get brought out when guests are over, or when an uplifting beverage is needed. There are some amazingly colorful and inspired teapots out there. From whimsical Alice in Wonderland designs to traditional Japanese cast iron pots, shop around and find the style that's right for you.


From fire alarms to home security, alarms are an essential in the modern day home. Unfortunately, they can usually be lacking on the design front. Alarm Reviews home security system guide is a comprehensive breakdown of the best alarms for your home. You’ll find that the designs are sleek and modern. These touchscreen systems fit perfectly into a modern home. Far from the unsightly designs of the past, these home security systems even link up to smartphones, allowing you to control your lighting and locks.


Whilst flowers often take center stage, ornamental and intricately designed vases are beginning to upstage their counterparts! Vases were first used in Ancient Greece as a way of storing food and oils. In those days the vases would be decorated with carved scenes from everyday life. The Chinese continued the trend, producing exquisite porcelain vases. Experiment with shapes, sizes, and colors and break convention with your vases


Similarly to vases, today’s trends are about throwing out the rule book and seeing mundane accessories in a new light. Harness the amount of light in a room by using candles and decoration lights, rather than just lamps and light shades. Cinematic lightboxes are a fun way to bring some light into the room. These lightboxes are a great addition to bedrooms and living rooms and can brighten a dull evening. 


Mirrors have always been a great way to create the illusion of extra space. 2017 sees mirrors being propped up against the wall rather than hung. This easy design technique gives rooms a carefree, natural feel. Hung mirrors can sometimes look a little orchestrated and regimented.


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