7 Pest Control Tips for Your Home Defense

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Living in the desert areas of the southwest is not always the easiest thing. And, as most residents would tell you, professional pest control Phoenix can often become a necessity. So unless you want to end up in a situation where you find your home unbearable because of pests, you may want to contact a company such as Green Home Pest Control in Phoenix to help you out. If you have an issue with ants or roaches or some other pest, they can solve your issue. But then you will have to take steps to maintain your home’s pest-free environment. Here are seven tips to do just that!

1. Blocking Entry

The best thing you can do is make it really challenging for pests to get inside the home. Make sure there are no holes in your screens, windows or doors and use window stripping where possible.

2. Cleaning Kitchen Areas

The kitchen area is going to attract a ton of pests if it is not properly cleaned on a regular basis. If there are scraps lying around on the counters or on the floor, you are going to attract ants or roaches when they can get inside the home.

3. Standing Water Issues

Water is going to attract mosquitos and roaches. Wherever there is standing water, whether it is on your front porch or somewhere around the back of your house near the air conditioner, you have to try and get rid of the problem. 

4. Yard Maintenance

Landscaping of your yard can really help get rid of the type of pests that may appreciate the messy environment. It is also a good way to ensure that any pest problem at the outside of the home is nullified before they get inside.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit flies are going to love it when you have fruits and vegetables that are going ripe on the counter. Eat those as quickly as possible, or store them in the fridge when you can. Buy your fruits and veggies a few times a week, instead of getting them all at once.

6. Outdoor Furniture

It is not surprising when you sit down on a piece of outdoor furniture and notice that a spider or an ant was present at the very spot where you sat down. Outdoor furniture is not only going to attract pests that like to crawl around in search of food, but it can become a breeding ground for their egg sacks and webs. So make sure you are cleaning your outdoor furniture regularly. If you find there is an issue with too many ants getting on the furniture, you may even want to spray them with some kind of safe insect repellant.

7. Pest Control

As we mentioned above, with a worst case scenario you are going to need to contact a pest control company. If you have so many pests getting into your home, even in areas you are keeping clean, then you need pest control to get rid of the problem immediately.


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