Safety Tips for single Women living in flats

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There are a lot of girls in high positions in corporate world yet single, in Mumbai .Mostly they stay and travel alone. When they move into Mumbai it’s very much necessary to have a decent and safe place to live in. either for rent or to buy, in both cases investment in property in mumbai is mandatory. Also it is very difficult to find flats in Mumbai for singles. If you are amongst the lucky lot of finding one and finishing all the formalities of buying or renting then the immediate next step before moving in is to set the place up with all safety measures .It is said that “Prevention is better than cure”, so here are a few safety measures that the single women should follow while they are staying alone in a flat or house.

The Lock

There is a wide assortment of locks based on new technologies in market. It is always wise to invest in the most credible ones in the market for the entrance door of your flat. Once it is fixed apart from the set of keys that you keep; the additional one should be kept safe at home or with any trustworthy friends or neighbors. There are locks which function using Fingerprints, others with pass code etc. Options are available in large numbers just choose them wisely.

Usage Of curtains

It is always amusing and marvelous experience to stay alone. While you are having a good time doing it it’s important not to allow outsiders to sneak a look into your dwelling. Always cover the windows and doors with curtains of non transparent fabric so that nothing is visible from outside. Make sure that the door of your apartment has a peep hole .It is advisable to have a door made of steel with a strong padlock.

The Lights

While choosing the lights make sure to but motion sensitive lights to install in appropriate places in your flat. These helps to detect minor movements near your apartment and will alert you in case of a break in by a burglar. This light can be sometimes disturbing too to the neighbors if the alarm sets of due to some activities by cats or dogs etc.

The first Aid box

While living alone it is always possible to face a medical need, or small accidents at home. It is always a good idea to install a first aid box in the flat equipped with all the medicines required in case of a common emergency. Don’t take it lightly; even healthiest of people may face unforeseen medical ailments. Also keep the telephone numbers of the neighbors and the watchman in case of an emergency you can’t handle yourself.

Home security

Installing security system in a flat while staying alone is necessary. There are a lot of new technologies that are coming in the market. Even small cameras that are affordable can also be used to make you feel extra safe at the time of staying alone in a flat.

Parking Lot with Good lighting

While selecting an apartment or a flat to live in it is good to have check on the lighting in the parking area. Make sure that there is even security patrol around this are and it should be well lit. It will be ideal if the access to the lift is easy.

Security Monitoring Apartments and flats these days comes up with various facilities for the residents like health clubs, badminton court, walking and jogging area ,swimming pool etc. Before you move into the building make sure that the access to this facilities are only for the residents and not for outsiders. The walkways o all these facilities should be installed with good lights.


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