Choosing the Right Vacuum for Homes with Pets

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Are you a pet lover, who is currently looking around for a brand new vacuum cleaner? If this is the case, you’re going to need to make sure that your vacuum is equipped with some specific features. Although price will be impactful, it should be ignored to ensure that you get a vacuum that is going to be efficient enough to rid your home of pet hair and allergens. Below, you will find some of the features that should be considered.


First and foremost, you will want to choose a vacuum that is lightweight, convenient and easy to use. By doing this, there will be an increased probability that you’ll actually use the product! The more you use it, the more allergens that will be removed. Therefore, these features might be often ignored, but they’re very important!


For families, who have pets, it is essential to choose a vacuum cleaner, with an outstanding filter. A HEPA filter is an absolute must! This specific filter will be able to eliminate a ton of problems! The filter is designed in a way to prevent allergens from escaping into the atmosphere. With this filter, your vacuum will be exceptionally more effective than those that are without a HEPA filter.


In the past, there were no alternatives to the bagged vacuum cleaner. Now, it is possible to select between a bagged and a bagless vacuum. For pet lovers, it is usually best to stick with a bagless vacuum cleaner. With this type of vacuum, you will be able to see, whether or not the canister is full, without exposing yourself to the encapsulated allergens. At the same time, you’ll be able to use the vacuum, whenever you wish because you won’t have to worry about replacement bags.


Although each family needs a vacuum cleaner, those that house pets will need one that is capable of eliminating pet hair! With the information presented above, you will be able to have an easier time choosing the most efficient vacuum for this purpose.


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