Window Design for the 21st Century

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As we get closer to the quarter century mark (2025) we're seeing amazing advancements in science, technology, manufacturing and architecture, resulting in some of the most impressive structures ever built in the history of mankind. Not surprisingly, home windows are also being revolutionised in their design, installation, and functional capabilities. Homes around the world are being transformed with an array of window styles that can be customised to accommodate the preference of even the most imaginative homeowner.

Modern windows are doing much more than their traditional counterparts, as they're being used to help the environment while also improving the aesthetic appeal and value of the home. With that said, here's a look at three window styles and features that could become ubiquitous in 21st window design:

1. Automatic Window Openers

Homes can now be outfitted with automatic window openers, which can be synced to a variety of sensors that can detect when the windows should be opened or shut based on environmental conditions or the presence of smoke. This is a feature that will undoubtedly become commonplace in 21st century smart homes that are designed for maximum automation and convenience.

These are basically “smart windows” equipped with mechanical actuators that can be automatically triggered to open or close the window when the weather changes, according to climate control preferences. Automatic windows also aid the environment by promoting natural airflow and reducing dependency on central air and heating. For examples of what automatic window openers are capable of, check out Teal Products; they're one of the few companies in the UK offering automatic window actuators to the general public.

2. Shaped Sky Lights

Sky lights, also known as roof lights, are windows that fit into the ceiling/roof of a room or structure. These windows let a lot of natural sunlight into the interior of the building, making artificial lighting absolutely unnecessary during daylight hours. Thus, this window style is commonly incorporated into eco-friendly homes that may also run on solar or wind energy to reduce the household carbon footprint.

Furthermore, indoor plants flourish under natural sunlight, and studies have shown that it improves mood and overall wellbeing. Custom shaped sky lights are the future of the genre, as they go beyond the conventional square or dome configurations into more eccentric shapes like ovals, rectangles, triangles, lines, and even odd-shaped designs that stencil sunlight into the room to project an impressively designed beam of sunlight.

3. Geometric, Casement, Bi-Fold, and Awning Style Windows

As well as having sky lights on the ceiling, many modern homes are also doing away with some of the walls and replacing them with geometric or casement windows, which typically take up all or most of the wall they're installed along. Geometric windows can come in a variety of shapes in sizes, making them suitable as a standalone feature or as an accompaniment to surrounding windows. Casement windows have hinges and swing open just like a door, which they are sometimes used as.

Sliding windows are a similar alternative to casement windows that are also becoming quite popular in 21st century homes. In addition, bi-fold windows are basically large casement windows that open outward like a set of double-doors, making it easy to let a huge breeze in or conveniently access an outdoor lounge area or bar. Finally, awning style windows can be perched at the top of the wall near the ceiling to let natural light in from the side and facilitate a light breeze. Overall, modern homeowners should strive to incorporate all of the aforementioned window styles and design features into their homes. Doing so will not only improve the look and value of the home itself, it can also improve your quality of life and the amount of enjoyment you get from your home.


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