5 Kitchen Design Ideas Especially for Foodies

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Even in this age of fast food frenzy, there are still those who love to cook but have an awful time trying to work in their kitchens the way they are laid out. If you are a closet gourmet looking for inspiring design ideas to help improve the ease at which you can create your culinary masterpieces, here are five kitchen ideas especially for foodies.

1) Butcher Block Kitchen Island

If you have a sizeable enough kitchen, the very first thing you should want would be a center island with a solid wood butcher block top. Optional hanging pots above are always nice to have, but the more important feature is the central location of the prep area which you can take a quick step away from to reach virtually any area from countertops to ranges and refrigerators. They can be easily sanitized with a small spray of diluted bleach and when not in use, set out some fresh fruit delivered by FTD in a woven basket – or perhaps a plate of white chocolate covered strawberries which you can do up yourself or have delivered as well! (We won’t tell if you won’t!)

2) Carousel Corner Cabinets

Often referred to as a Lazy Susan, carousel corner cabinets are perfect for quickly spotting the spice, seasoning or other ingredient you want when creating your epicurean delights. Many foodies choose the top shelf for their most used ingredients and the bottom shelf or shelves for heavier items such as flour, sugar and perhaps some of the ‘tools of their trade.’ From mixers to blenders, these can be kept off counters but quickly accessed with just a little spin.

3) Pull-out Drawer Cabinets

Many of the modern home kitchen designs have pull-out drawers for pots and pans under the stove, or in close proximity, so that the pan you are looking for is easily accessed. Innovative interior designers have created the design to look like a cupboard with doors, but when opened, you can quickly see that there are not shelves behind the doors but rather large, deep drawers that will house most pots, pans, casserole dishes and even baking pans and tins.

4) Peg Boards for Hanging Utensils

Similar to those peg boards that men use in their hobby shop in the garage, white peg boards are the perfect way to hang often used utensils so you can simply grab and go. Creative foodies have painted them in colors that are complementary to their kitchen schemes and some are even artistic enough to paint a background of flowers, fruits, veggies or anything their talents allow for. This is often much cheaper than buying all those fancy utensil jars and holding bins and so much prettier at the same time.

5) Under the Counter Pull-out Cutting Boards

This one wouldn’t work for those just looking to reorganize a kitchen that is already built. However, for those foodies who are looking for redecorating ideas when having a whole new kitchen designed, pull-out cutting boards are just the thing. Located somewhere close to the sink and stove, they can be quickly pulled out to do a bit of chopping or cutting and simply wiped, sanitized and pushed back in. Really, there is a little bit of foodie in all of us and if you are looking to add to the enjoyment of your passion, these ideas are for you. Whether you use only one of these ideas or have an entire kitchen designed around all of them, you’ll be delighted in how much easier your craft will be.

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