Get the Country Cottage Look in Your Home!

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So, you want the country cottage look in your home. Great choice! This look is cosy, comfortable and awfully familiar. If you want a little retreat where you can relax and recuperate, this is the best design to go for. Here’s how to create that design:

Used Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is always used in the country cottage design. However, you won’t find shiny new wooden furniture; it’s always distressed and worn. In fact, it’s probably best if you can find used wooden furniture! It all helps to create the effect you want. Distressing some furniture yourself is always an option.

A Natural Colour Scheme

Cottages mostly have natural colour schemes. However, you’re not bound to this rule. Feel free to go for whatever colour scheme tickles your fancy! Usually, you’ll find shades of green, yellow, red, cream, and other colours that you might find in a big field.

Bare Floors

Cottages rarely have carpet or shiny wooden floors. The floors will be bare, almost as if they’ve never been done at all. In fact, the more marks, the better! In cottages, the floors need to be bare so they can be swept easily. Even if you’re not too worried about sweeping because you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, you want it to look as if you sweep the floors.

Comfortable Seating

All cottages have nice comfortable seating. You won’t find a modern leather 3 seater here! Your seating should be so comfortable that you literally sink into it as you sit down. That’s what having a country cottage is all about! Slipcovered cottage furniture is always a good choice, so look into that too.


Decorating your home with wildflowers is another great way to channel the country cottage vibe. Make sure they look freshly picked to get the best effect. I love to display mine in a jug instead of a vase as it just looks so much more authentic.

Graphic Signs

Think of the things you’re likely to see in a country cottage. Gardening tools, flowers, and maybe even some graphic signs picked up on a farmhand’s travels. Distressed graphic signs can be bought almost anywhere these days, so you don’t have to go out hunting for a real one unless you really want to. They look charming and you can use as many as you like!

Make Use of Pattern

Patterns help to make a country cottage look fun and more lively. Again, there are no rules with this, but there are a couple of styles that look more authentic than others. You have stripes, checks, and florals. You can do a mixture of all 3 or just 2 of them, whatever you fancy. Incorporate with pillows, curtains, and perhaps even wallpaper. Look for some inspiration online if you’re unsure of how to make it work.

Now you can get this gorgeous look in your home no matter what kind of build you live in. Did you love these tips? Let us know your thoughts!

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