Simple Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Warmer This Winter

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While Christmas might be over for another twelve months, we are a long way from the summer. That means the weather is going to be very cold for quite a while. So, now could be the best time to start making changes that could make your bedroom warmer without increasing energy bills. The last thing you want is for a letter to land on your doorstep asking for money you simply haven’t got, right?

Looking online, we found hundreds of articles that relay information about decorating your bedroom for the summer. Unfortunately, there weren't too many that mentioned that you should do throughout the winter. So, we’ve done you a favor by publishing this post as quickly as we could. The sooner you make changes, the more comfortable you’re going to feel. That is why you need to pay attention.

Paint your room in darker colors

Dark and deep colors tend to trick the human mind into thinking the temperature is a little higher, but they also turn your walls into better heat conductors. Those light and vibrant shades might be fine for the spring and summer, but you will do well by getting rid of them for the next few months. For the cheapest prices on paint, you should visit your local DIY store. We would tell you to shop online, but most high street retailers run fantastic deals throughout the month of January.

Install shutters on your windows

While getting rid of your thin drapes and replacing them with thicker curtains will work well, you could go the extra mile and install some window shutters. As the old saying goes, “every little helps.” Whether you’re looking for Sunburst Shutters in Irvine or anywhere else, you should always do some research online. Window shutters are specialist products, and so you won’t find them for sale at your average DIY store.

Draft-proof your windows and doors

No matter how well your home was built, there will always be drafts that come from your windows and doors. Thankfully, there is a cheap solution to that issue. If you search for “draft-proofing products” on Google, you should come across an inexpensive and simple film that can be placed over all the gaps in your frames. You are often advised to shrink wrap it using a hairdryer. Installing such a solution will take no longer than a couple of minutes, and it could leave your home draft-free for as long as twelve months.

Of course, there are many other ways you could make your bedroom warmer this winter. Some people find that moving their furniture around, so the bed is closer to the radiator, produces good results. You could also invest some traditional gas heaters that are not plugged into your mains supply. Either way though, those ideas will mean you inevitably use more energy. Buying a thicker quilt for your bed and adding a few more sheets should keep you comfortable during the night if nothing else seems to work.

Good luck folks! Just use your head, and your bedroom should be more than warm enough.


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