Tips For Stylish Entrance Hall Lighting

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The entrance hall is the very first thing that visitors will see when you welcome them into your home. This makes it hugely important space to make the perfect first impression and make your guests feel immediately at ease. Hallways can often be overlooked during the process of designing and decorating your home. It can be easy to forget that sometimes the smallest and simplest of spaces have the most ‘wow factor’ potential.
There are plenty of money saving ways to remodel your home and these can include both simple quick fixes as well as more in depth renovation. A great way to brighten up any entrance hall is to choose the perfect lighting. A good hallway light can add warmth and interest to even the most compact hallways and entrance halls. You can find some great examples from companies such as Maxim Lighting.

Shape and Space

To keep your entrance hall lighting stylish and effective, think about the areas of the hallway that need lighting up the most. If you have a long or narrow hallway, you might choose to use modern lighting that runs the entire length of the hall, without any fancy design or intricate detail. A simple and plain rug in a light and neutral color will create a hallway space that is both airy and has a cool and spacious feel. If your hallway is small and enclosed, try a bright floor lamp, strategically placed in the corner to add a pop of colour to any dull area. This works really well against minimalist white walls and light flooring.


The key to any successful design is to plan exactly what you want your hallway to look like before you actually go out and spend money on products. There are so many great websites that allow you to create a mock up of floor plan ideas . This can be a great way to keep your costs low and avoid planning for areas that you may not need to cover. If you work better on paper, it can be pretty simple to draw up a basic floor plan layout yourself. It doesn’t have to look fancy, but can often help you understand the shapes, space and area that your are working on designing.

Types of Lighting

For your entrance hall lighting, you need to think about what kind of space you are trying to highlight the most. If you have a small hall with dark corners and under stair space, then consider making use of down-lighters or wall sconces to add focus and brightness to the area of your choice.

Whatever you decide to choose, remember to accessorize your finished entrance hall with a few stylish finishing touches . You could consider a chair or some framed family pictures to complete your look. This will offer a warm and welcoming area for your guests to be greeted by. Bear these simple things in mind and your friends and family will be queuing up to visit!


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