10 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Fun Makeover

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Everybody has their own idea of what makes a great kitchen. I for one, think that the kitchen should look quirky and fun! If you agree, you’ll love these 10 tips. They’ll help you to give your kitchen a fun makeover, so you won’t mind spending so much time in there. Enjoy!

1. Choose a New Colour Scheme

The first thing you can do is consider your kitchen’s colour scheme and think of a new one. For a fun makeover, you’ll need fun colours. What about yellow, pink, blue, purple, and green? Not all at once of course (unless you really want to). Choose bright, happy colours to give your kitchen that fun feel.

2. Look on Sites Like Pinterest

Sites like Pinterest are an invaluable source when it comes to looking for design inspiration. Simply type in the kind of thing you’re looking for and you’ll have tons of designs to consider.

3. Add Quirky Accessories

Quirky accessories will help you to give a unique look to your kitchen. Try a brightly coloured oilcloth for the table, some vases, and perhaps even some ornaments to quirk the place up a bit.

4. Choose a Specific Theme

You could always choose a theme to help you decorate your kitchen. There’s no limit to the amount of themes you could have. You could have something that you often find in the home, for instance a shabby chic theme. Or you could even have the theme based around your favourite film; Alice in Wonderland, for example.

5. Use lots of Textures

Textures make rooms look way more interesting, so make sure you use lots in your design. Natural textures always work well in a kitchen, so materials like slate, wood, and marble will look great.

6. Add Life

Life is a must if you want a fun looking kitchen, so add flowers and fruit in all kinds of colours. You could even use fake flowers and fruit if you don’t want to keep replacing them!

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Patterns

Patterns look great in the kitchen, yet I hardly see anyone brave enough to use them. Try to incorporate some of your favourite patterns in some way.

8. Mix and Match Your Seating

Matching seating? Where’s the fun in that?! Mix and match your seating for a quirky look that will still work. There are no rules, and you’ll be surprised at how much better mixed seating looks to matched seating.

9. Create a Focal Point With Your Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is used to stop food and gunk getting on the wall. Why not create a focal point with yours? Use patterned tiles!

10. Paint Wooden Furniture

If you have some wooden furniture, there’s no need to replace it; just paint it! You can paint it in your favourite colours and patterns to make something truly unique and quirky. You’ll have fun doing it too!

I hope you find these 10 tips useful when giving your kitchen a fun makeover. Leave a comment with any tips of your own!


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