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Delve into the detail of these two rather unique bedroom designs, the first by Blalank Studio and the second from 3D artist Ramon Zancanaro, each decorated in industrial style chic. Look closely to find an array of ideas to add character and whimsy to a blank canvas of space.

The first combats the coldness of gray concrete walls by incorporating the organic shapes and tones of driftwood into the scheme. The ragged edged wooden pieces are fashioned into a desk with an overhead shelf, which compliment the rustic wooden headboard, heavy door and two-toned storage unit.

The charcoal gray walls are lifted by the presence of a bright white ceiling, and a large cream area rug sprawling from beneath the end of the bed, and the vintage style chest at it’s foot.

Above 4 via Blalank Studio

A mustard-toned soft leather bed takes center stage, picked out by a circular Persian rug.

A vintage suitcase forms an extension of a bedside table on which to seat a small library of bedtime reading books.

A metal coat rack ties in with the industrial look, but brings with it a curvaceous silhouette.

 The next space is packed with collections and unusual finds, from studio style lighting rigs to a menagerie of empty and distressed picture frames, stacked curiously over multiple surfaces.

Above 14 via Ramon Zancanaro - Source: home-designing

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