Central air conditioning units provide the cool air that homeowners and renters need on long and hot nights. The newer learning and smart thermostats let you connect your thermostat to your AC unit. As you adjust the settings, this small device predicts your behavior and turns the temperature up and down based on your preferences. Even if you don't use a smart thermostat and you live in an area with cooler weather all year long, you still need to know how to maintain your air conditioner. It only takes three simple steps to keep it running properly throughout the year.
If you are interested in changing up the flooring in your home, there are a wide range of options to choose from. Those who want to have a hard wood floor still have a few options in which to narrow down to find the right match to your preferences and your home decor. If you are looking for a solid, durable and beautiful hard flooring product, bamboo may be what you need. If you haven't thought about bamboo before, here are some bamboo flooring facts you will want to consider.
Congratulations - You have bought a brand new car. But have you decided where you are going to park your car? Don’t you think that your limousine needs a happy, protected and safe place to live in? A vinyl-coated garage type steel storage shed is the perfect one for your car’s house.
Ateliers Auguste opened its doors in December 2013 in the trendy neighborhood of La Bastille ; not far from King Chef Alain Ducasse’s « La Manufacture du Chocolat », « Le Septime » – one of the new most desirable Starred restaurants – but also a few steps away from hip stores such as French Trotters concept store, Edwin and Misericordia Flagship stores…
The Bund, as elegant as ever, still lives up to its name as the “Paris of the East” after a century of prosperity. The remnants of the exquisite neoclassical architectures from the colonial periods carry with it the gorgeous historical scenery that stretches until the ends of the Western Huangpu River. A century later, the YIFENG Mansion transforms into the YIFENG Galleria along with the world-renown clock maker “ERWIN SATTLER”, known for its sophisticated artistry and classic craftsmanship. Devoting itself to the design and creation of a real pinnacle for boutiques which can last until the end of time, Erwin Sattler chose to continue the years of beauty together with the Bund here in China.
The Marketplace concept heralds the next generation of O2 shops and transforms them into modern markets. Here, approaching the customer emotionally through customer experiences stands in the foreground. The objective is a special sustainable shopping experience, implemented in central branch stores throughout Germany including the flagship store in Munich.
The Jelmoli Department Store – The House of Brands – goes food and opens an extraordinary new food department with a 2,000 m² sales area. It‘s unique in Europe and features an impressive list of tenants with some of the region’s best and most qualified providers of food. One highlight is Switzerland‘s first cheese humidor from Natürli, including a cheese fondue section for take-away or immediate consumption. Having a culinary break in the Sushi section, at the Barbecue Point, in the mediterranean world and many other delicious temptations makes your shopping experience an even greater pleasure.
Adidas have tweaked the retail strategy for their street fashion-inspired Adidas Originals line and conceptualized a separate league of flagship stores that actively reflect and engage with the street culture of their respective location. The first one to open is in Berlin where the existing store in the Mitte neighbourhood has been entirely revamped. The store has been stripped bare to reveal its concrete shell. Furnished with specially designed displays crafted from steel and wood in demure hues, the retail space has a clean and streamlined look that allows the merchandise to pop.
Hamburg is the cradle of Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld. The boutique of the French fashion house recently relocated to more expansive and certainly fancier downtown premises. The boutique occupies 327 sqm. [3,520 sq.ft.] on the ground floor of Bürgermeisterhaus, an imposing, early 20th-century building which was originally home to one of the city’s many trading companies. The store interior is designed by new york-based architect Peter Marino, and is modeled after Coco Chanel’s swanky apartment in the French capital.

Affordable Prices for Quality Designs

Whether you are investing in construction equipment for your company or just for your own personal use, you are certain to find a wide variety of tools and equipment at low, affordable prices. You will also find that these tools will come with high-quality designs, which are easy to use.

In the present era of everything going global, many elements have come within the reach of our fingertips. This has made a home owner more at ease, when it’s about arranging for the security systems in and around his house. Safety has become a vital issue for everyone and especially for people, who have families, as well as who live in neighbourhoods; which are sensitive. It helps in the ensuring that there are no security breaches happening in and around the home.

A pressure washer is a very convenient power tool to have a home. It can be used for a variety of tasks including washing the car, removing stains from the sidewalk, cleaning moldy decks, and washing vinyl siding. Instead of hiring a professional pressure washing company, homeowners can save a lot of money by purchasing their own pressure washer. While electric pressure washers are great for light-duty jobs, gas-powered pressure washers are most suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind.