The key to any great home is to make all areas of the home as effective and efficient as possible. It’s important to ensure that all areas of your home are operating at the best level they can be. And this includes your back garden. Many areas are so often neglected when it comes to home maintenance. As such, it’s easy to miss opportunities to make it awesome.

How can you make a home more luxurious? It’s not an easy question to answer because luxury is quite a vague term. There are certain ideas that are always going to exude an air of luxury though. It’s just about finding which of those ideas are right for you and your home.

This year, there has been a massive trend of people installing working log fires in their homes. If you happen to follow interior design news on a regular basis, you will have noticed the feature in many modern designs. Some designers have chosen to incorporate the style into their current designs. For the most part, the effect it achieves is stunning. If you are about to renovate your property, you might be thinking of installing a fireplace. Read these rules before you do.

If you’re gazing around your home wondering what you can do to improve the look of it, it sounds like you need a quick fix. There are many things you can do that will make your home look better, but some of them take a lot longer. In this post we’re going to discuss the options you have that won’t take very much time or effort at all. Enjoy!

The attic is an odd place. They are usually large, cavernous spaces. But, we don’t utilise them as much as we should do. They become dumping grounds for seasonal items and mementos. So many of us ignore the vast expanse of space that we have directly above our upstairs quarters. The attic can be a great way to give your home much needed space.

The kitchen is the nucleus of any home. It’s often said that when you sell your home you’re actually selling the kitchen. This gives you some measure of just how important the kitchen is within your property. Indeed, the kitchen is the room most people take note of when they enter a property. And in many ways it’s become the new lounge. People hang out in the kitchen and socialise these days much more than they used to.

If you are an eco-warrior and love all things eco- friendly, incorporate your love of the environment into your home.

The rustic glam trend is taking the interior design world by storm. This type of decor sees countryside elements fused with luxurious touches. What you end up with is an elegant room that is so classic it will never look dated. One of the best spaces to apply this interior design style to is your living room. Let’s take a look at these top tips on how to create a rustic glam living space.

Bathroom additions are very common for many reasons. Bathroom additions not only add function and usability to a home, but they also can help increase the value of the home. These factors make bathroom additions one of the most common home improvements that people take on.

As granite counters and flooring are quite popular choices, it makes sense that homeowners may need to drill through pavers on the odd occasion. Whilst they are known for their hardness, it is important to remember that granite pavers are also quite brittle, which makes them difficult to work with. Using the wrong method or tool often results in the stone cracking or the drill bit being ruined. We have provided some basic drilling instructions here:

Pergola designs have come a long way over the years and they are now seen as more of an extension to the home rather than a feature of the garden. Whether you are planning to use the space as an alfresco dining area or an outdoor living room, it is important that you have considered a number of factors to ensure that the design is perfect for your needs.

Popular in the construction and drilling industries, crane mats are a great way to safely provide a stable work base for heavy equipment as well as construction crews. These mats are used to greatly stabilize the ground, resulting in a much safer worksite while digging or laying pipe in the pipeline industry. However, these mats are not only reserved for this particular industry, and are used in a myriad of different industries and for many different practices.